20th June 2018

Elon Musk: Employee Sabotage Damaged Tesla Production System

In a memo to Tesla employees, CEO Elon Musk claims internal sabotage has damaged the car company's systems. It's also put a spotlight on cybersecurity within the auto industry.


12th June 2018

Driver Safety Trumps Data Security, Survey Indicates

Drivers want to use connected services and be safer on the road, but they are concerned about data protection and safety, according to a new industry study.


5th June 2018

BlackBerry Joins OmniAir V2X Consortium

After joining the OmniAir Consortium, BlackBerry plans to release its security credential management system, designed for securing connected vehicles, later this year.


25th May 2018

BMW Connected Cars Riddled With Security Vulnerabilities

Chinese researchers from Tencent’s KeenLab discovered 14 exploitable security vulnerabilities in several BMW models, which have since been patched but highlight the security issues involving connected vehicles. Between January...


17th May 2018

Laird’s MAX Connected Car Platform Offers Linux Security

Laird's MAX platform is the company's latest effort to bring itself deeper into the connected car market through a combination of security and open source technology.


3rd May 2018

Startup Regulus Cyber Raises $6.3M, Launches Pyramid Suite

In addition to its $6.3 million funding round, Regulus Cyber also launched its Pyramid module, which is designed to prevent cyber attacks on a self-driving vehicle's sensors.


20th April 2018

Driven Consortium Tests Connected Fleet Vehicles in UK

Autonomous vehicles will have to talk to each other, and those conversations can be used to make vehicles smarter and safer. This is what the UK-based Driven consortium is...


19th April 2018

Automated Truck Market to Hit $1.7B by 2025

The promise of self-driving trucks – big cost savings, environmental benefits and faster delivery – is tempered by the fear of hackers' real and imagined capabilities, a new study...


17th April 2018

Automakers Must Do More for Connected Car Security

A survey finds widespread concerns about the measures OEMs are taking to ensure security in connected vehicles. Among brands, Tesla comes out on top.


13th April 2018

Consumers Wary of Self-Driving Vehicles but See Potential

The results of a survey and focus group conducted by the UK's MERGE Greenwich indicate operators of self-driving vehicle services should focus on design to address concerns about safety....


16th March 2018

5G Wireless Technology Key to Connected Car Evolution

Connected and autonomous vehicles will require high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency 5G networks in order to operate, according to a new report.


6th March 2018

Arilou Ethernet Security Hub Limits Driver Data to Cloud

As connected car security concerns rise, Arilou launches a security hub that lets drivers control what data their vehicle sends to the cloud.