2nd March 2018

It’ll be a beauty contest for connectivity, say BMW and SEAT

Carmakers are becoming open to setting up the sort of free-wheeling relationships normally associated with internet dating agencies in a bid to keep their connected car services up-to-date and...


12th February 2018

Weekly Brief: Waymo and Uber settle cyber-theft lawsuit

Waymo had Uber by the jugular. Now they’re best friends again. Andrew Tolve reports. Well that was anticlimactic. Uber and Waymo, after dragging each other through the mud for...


13th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Navya’s self-driving shuttle service launches with a crash

It took only two hours for this fancy new self-driving shuttle to get into a crash. Andrew Tolve reports. The first free self-driving shuttle service in America launched in...


7th November 2017

TU-Automotive Europe 2017: Day 1

In redefining the role and function of the automobile, in-car connectivity is enabling a singular, and very welcome, coupling of private and public needs. With urban populations predicted to...


18th September 2017

Weekly Brief: GM ready to mass produce a self-driving car

Chevy Bolt clone being readied to deliver Level 4 autonomy but only when legislation allows. Andrew Tolve reports. Ready or not, the world is about to get a mass-produced...


3rd February 2017

Video: SEAT sees connectivity selling the brand


15th August 2016

Weekly Brief: Millions of VW vehicles vulnerable to wireless key hack

Have a Volkswagen? Better buy a steering wheel lock. Researchers at the University of Birmingham, in concert with German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald, have found a wireless hack...


8th January 2016

Video: SEAT sees connectivity as more about customers than IoT


27th August 2015

Hold your horses, connectivity is the real power now

Talking to senior executives after spending a blisteringly hot afternoon cruising the mountain roads of Catalonia in Spain, it became clear that a car’s connectivity offering could be a...