10th May 2023

Scania Claims Megawatt Charging for BEV Trucks

Truck maker Scania claims it is on track to deliver megawatt charging for heavy-duty BEVs to match current driver stop and refuel times of ICE powered trucks. Among the...


10th June 2022

New Scania BEV Trucks Highlight its Electric Future

Scania has announced two new BEV trucks that reflect its forward-looking production strategy. Both vehicles are designed to encourage customers make the switch from ICE powered trucks covering their...


25th February 2022

Scania to Employ ‘Packing’ Robots in Battery Plant

Scania will be deploying production line robots designed for the packing industry to help build its BEV power packs. It has entered an agreement with industrial robotics specialist ABB...


11th November 2021

Scania Goes Logging with New 80-ton BEV Truck

Truck maker Scania has created what it claims to be the world’s first BEV timber truck able to haul up to 80 metric tons of lumber. The vehicle, developed...


3rd November 2021

Ignoring Green ICE Fuels Could be ‘Barking Mad’

With the march towards decarbonization, Automotive Tech Week Europe asked in September as part of a fireside chat, whether governments and industry are ‘Barking up the Wrong Tree’. As...

By Graham Jarvis

16th December 2019

VW Driverless Shuttle to Launch in Qatar

Prototype driverless versions of Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz BEVs will take part in an autonomous pilot to be run in Qatar. The automaker has signed an agreement to participate in...


10th June 2019

Scania Showcases Driverless BEV

Swedish truck maker Scania is flexing its autonomous muscles by showcasing its own BEV self-driving urban concept vehicle, the NXT. It claims a multi-tasking capability to shift from ferrying...


20th February 2019

Scania to Start Full-Size Driverless Bus Tests

Driverless full-size Scania buses will begin trials of the technology on regular commuter routes in Sweden in 2020. The routes are run by the Nobina public transport and these...


Scania to Supply Trucks for German E-Highways
10th December 2018

Scania to Supply Trucks for German E-Highways

Scania has been awarded a contract by the German environment ministry to supply trucks for the country’s new ‘e-highways’. The trucks will initially be trialed along the A5 autobahn...


18th August 2017

Trains of trucks are on their way

The impression that many people get is that driverless cars may grab the headlines but semi-automated convoys of trucks are much closer to being seen on the nation's roads....


12th August 2016

Challenge raises as many issues as solutions to truck platooning

If carmakers dream of producing vehicles that are fully autonomous robots, the manufacturers of trucks entertain somewhat more modest visions. They foresee platoons of goods-laden lorries, equipped with state-of-the-art...


6th June 2016

Weekly Brief: Porsche builds new company devoted to digital mobility solutions

Thilo Koslowski, founder of Gartner’s automotive practice and a regular keynote speaker at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016, is fond of calling the automobile “the ultimate mobile device”. Now he’ll get...