San Francisco

3rd September 2018

San Francisco May Slap Tax on Ride-Sharers

San Francisco voters could impose a per-ride tax on ride-sharing providers like Uber and Lyft and also their robo-taxis after the California legislature passed a bill allowing the city...


31st August 2018

Uber and Lyft Look Beyond Cars Despite SF Scooter Loss

Uber and Lyft, the twin giants of ride-hailing, are forging ahead into car alternatives even after losing their bids to be part of a scooter pilot program in their...


23rd July 2018

Uber & Cargo Partner for In-Car Shopping

Uber and Cargo are looking to combine two great American pastimes: shopping and driving.


6th July 2018

Ford Study Indicates ACC Minimizes Traffic Jams

Technologies such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) have the potential to minimize phantom traffic jams, as a large-scale demo from Ford indicates.


1st March 2018

Lawsuit Claims Uber Doesn’t Accommodate Wheelchair Users

A lawsuit filed in California's Alameda County claims Uber does not do enough to accommodate customers who use wheelchairs.


20th February 2018

Uber Movement Gives Officials Unique San Francisco View

Uber has brought its publicly available tool for viewing and analyzing Uber trip information to its hometown of San Francisco.The tool, called Uber Movement, provides large sets of data about...


13th February 2018

Waymo & Uber: A Truce That Will Not Last

Waymo and Uber have settled matters for now, but don't expect the harmony between the two Silicon Valley powerhouses to last for long, especially as the autonomous car market...


26th January 2018

Waymo Testing Its Self-Driving Pacificas in San Francisco, Atlanta

Waymo's driverless fleet of Chrysler minivans are expanding beyond Arizona.