27th September 2021

Weekly Brief: Chip Crisis a Hint of Future Battery Woes?

Automakers joined tech companies and chip suppliers last week at the White House to discuss the semiconductor crisis that has hobbled the auto industry in recent months. The goal...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


17th August 2020

Carmaker Challenges with the Everything Connected Vehicle

The increasing breadth of connectivity in vehicles can bring valuable features to automakers and consumers alike. Chief among these are the enabling of proactive and predictive performance and maintenance...


29th August 2019

Apps Become Spanners For Driverless Cars, Says BlackBerry

The days of aftermarket, do-it-yourself repairs could come to an end as automakers strive to secure their vehicles from an onslaught of cyber-security threats. Depending on the make and...

By Louis Bedigian


8th July 2019

Auto Tech Leaders Use Goodwood to Break Records

In the cathedral to automotive performance that is the Goodwood Festival of Speed both electrified and autonomous vehicles sat loud and proud. No more consigned to some distant backwater...


17th June 2019

Weekly Brief: Audi e-tron Hit by Battery Risk Recall

Audi’s launch of its first electric vehicle, the Audi e-tron SUV, took a turn for the worse last week when the carmaker issued an emergency recall of 1,644 models....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


19th December 2018

Dyson Could Clean-Up with Niche EVs

UK brand Dyson, long known for its quirky or innovative takes on consumer electronics, is leaping ahead several degrees of product category into the manufacture of battery electric vehicles....

By Eric Volkman


Samsung to Develop AV Test Zone Infrastructure
7th December 2018

Samsung to Develop AV Test Zone Infrastructure

Samsung is partnering with a transport organization to develop the infrastructure for K-City, South Korea’s autonomous vehicle technology testing zone. The tech giant is joining forces with the Korea...


HARMAN’s Till: 5G is “Game-Changer” for CVs
25th October 2018

HARMAN’s Till: 5G is “Game-Changer” for CVs

Greg Hyde talks to HARMAN vice-president of marketing and technology Andrew Till about opportunities and threats within the connected vehicle sector. There has been much discussion within the last...


19th January 2018

Samsung, Harman Reveals New Driverless Car Offerings

Samsung and Harman showed their new cockpit, telematics and DRVLINE autonomous platform at CES.


18th January 2018

Harman Looks to Customize the Ride-Sharing Experience

Ride-hailing passengers could easily transport their preferences from one vehicle to the next.


18th December 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo dumps mass trial of full driverless tech

Volvo becomes the first carmaker to blink in the face of escalating pressure to get self-driving cars on the road. Andrew Tolve reports. Volvo’s plans to populate the streets...


18th September 2017

Weekly Brief: GM ready to mass produce a self-driving car

Chevy Bolt clone being readied to deliver Level 4 autonomy but only when legislation allows. Andrew Tolve reports. Ready or not, the world is about to get a mass-produced...