28th March 2018

Waymo, Jaguar Team Up to Offer Luxury, Self-Driving SUV

Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover announce a luxury, self-driving SUV based on the iconic car company's I-PACE design. The first of these is expected to start testing later this...


21st March 2018

Avis Bets Connected Toyotas Will Make Car Rentals Easier

Ride-sharing services have upended the rental car industry. Avis, however, is betting the addition of 10,000 connected Toyotas can help the company stay ahead.


15th March 2018

Lyft & Magna Team Up on Self-Driving Systems

Lyft and Canadian auto parts maker Magna have teamed up to develop and manufacture self-driving systems for the industry.


12th March 2018

Self-Driving Lyfts Hit the Track at a California Test Site

Lyft is the latest company to test its self-driving vehicle technology at GoMentum Station in California.


8th March 2018

Phantom Auto Connects Spooked Cars to Remote Drivers

In a world of obstacles, sometimes even the best self-driving need a little help. Startup Phantom Auto offers remote driving help.


23rd February 2018

Bosch Acquires Splitting Fares With an Eye Toward Ride-Sharing

Bosch believes that ride-sharing applications will only become more popular in the coming years. Now it's buying Splitting Fares, a startup that wants to take your office to work....


21st February 2018

Arizona OKs Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Hailing Service

Waymo is about to not only step into Uber's turf with a ride-sharing service in Phoenix, but the company also plans to take this service one step further.


20th February 2018

Uber Movement Gives Officials Unique San Francisco View

Uber has brought its publicly available tool for viewing and analyzing Uber trip information to its hometown of San Francisco.The tool, called Uber Movement, provides large sets of data about...


16th February 2018

Uber’s Rebound CEO Romances the Financial Community

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is promising the company will start making up with its financial backers, its customers and the world at large following a rocky relationship in 2017.


13th February 2018

Waymo & Uber: A Truce That Will Not Last

Waymo and Uber have settled matters for now, but don't expect the harmony between the two Silicon Valley powerhouses to last for long, especially as the autonomous car market...


9th February 2018

Waymo Settles Patent Dispute for $245M Uber Stake

After a week of testimony at a federal courthouse in San Francisco, Waymo and Uber announced an agreement to settle their dispute, with Waymo taking a $245 million stake...


8th February 2018

Waymo vs. Uber: How Potential Partnership Turned Into Rivalry

During testimony this week, Uber founder Travis Kalanick claimed that he tried to start a partnership with Google's Waymo division, before the company hired its own engineers to start...