6th December 2018

Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Sharing Service: Why It Matters

After much hype, Waymo One, the company's commercial ride-sharing, is here. Here's why it matters.


16th November 2018

SEAT Unveils Prototype 5G Car

SEAT is displaying a prototype 5G connected car at an event in Barcelona, Spain. At the Smart City Expo World Congress, the automaker is showcasing a version of the...


14th November 2018

Waymo’s CEO Sees Limits to Self-Driving on Eve of Launch

As Waymo prepares its self-driving taxi service for a December launch, CEO John Krafcik told an audience that autonomy has its limits.


30th October 2018

VW & Intel’s Mobileye Plan AV Ride-Sharing in Israel

Volkswagen, Intel's Mobileye division and the state of Israel are looking to develop a commercial autonomous taxi service in that country by 2022.


27th September 2018

Uber Commits $10M to Reduce City Traffic

As ride-hailing services multiply and increase traffic in cities, Uber is pushing for a congestion tax that would target its own business interests.


25th September 2018

Ride-Hailing Work Isn’t a Living for Most Drivers, Study Finds

A study by the JP Morgan Chase Institute finds that while ride-sharing and ride-hailing services have increased, Uber and Lyft drivers have not reaped the financial benefits. But it's...


3rd September 2018

San Francisco May Slap Tax on Ride-Sharers

San Francisco voters could impose a per-ride tax on ride-sharing providers like Uber and Lyft and also their robo-taxis after the California legislature passed a bill allowing the city...


22nd August 2018

Waymo and Lyft Beef Up Self-Driving Programs

Self-driving cars may be years away from getting most consumers around but in limited areas of two US cities, autonomous rides are expanding and seem to be a hit....


1st August 2018

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Woes Squeezed Out Its Trucks

With trying to focus on getting its autonomous cars back on the road following a fatal crash earlier this year, Uber needed to cut some programs, and the ax...


30th July 2018

Mobility’s OK but hands off my company wheels!

Commercially owned fleet car drivers in the UK reveal a major stumbling block to diversified corporate mobility solutions by refusing to give up their company cars, reports Paul Myles....


25th July 2018

GM’s Maven Tries Letting Owners Share Their Cars

Trying to cash in on the car-sharing and ride-sharing trend, GM's Maven program will now allow car owners to rent out their vehicles in select cities.


23rd July 2018

Uber & Cargo Partner for In-Car Shopping

Uber and Cargo are looking to combine two great American pastimes: shopping and driving.