ride hailing

25th October 2018

Tesla Turns a Profit As Company Envisions AV Ride-Hailing

After burning through cash for years, Tesla managed to turn a profit in the third quarter despite more controversy from CEO Elon Musk.


25th September 2018

Ride-Hailing Work Isn’t a Living for Most Drivers, Study Finds

A study by the JP Morgan Chase Institute finds that while ride-sharing and ride-hailing services have increased, Uber and Lyft drivers have not reaped the financial benefits. But it's...


4th September 2018

Boom in Ride-Hailing Led by Asia, Report Claims

A mobility study on regional ride-hailing markets claims that 16Bn ride-hailing trips were completed worldwide in 2017 and forecasts 24Bn completed trips by the end of 2018. The report...


30th August 2018

Toyota-Uber Partnership Should Play to Strengths

Uber’s new partnership with Toyota, in which they plan to put self-driving cars on the road in a pilot by 2021, may be a step in the right direction...


13th August 2018

Weekly Brief: New York Slams Brakes on Lyft and Uber

New ride-hailing regulation in New York could signal pushback against the ride-hailing industry across the US but it won’t last long, Andrew Tolve reports. The gig economy is great...


30th July 2018

London black cab boost by Volvo

Volvo is underscoring its commitment to electric vehicles (EVs) with its latest venture in a dealership tie-up with the iconic ‘London black cab’, writes Paul Myles. One of the...


23rd July 2018

Weekly Brief: BMW takes on Uber and Lyft in ride-hailing

ReachNow will offer car-sharing and ride-hailing through the same app interface. Andrew Tolve reports. BMW is ready to take on the big guns. In its latest urban mobility gambit, its ReachNow car-sharing service...


5th March 2018

5 Things Waymo’s 360 Video Doesn’t Say About Driverless Cars

Waymo 360-degree driverless car video is a good public relations production, but it leaves out a lot about what driverless cars mean for the future. Here are five points...


18th January 2018

Harman Looks to Customize the Ride-Sharing Experience

Ride-hailing passengers could easily transport their preferences from one vehicle to the next.