2nd December 2022

Toyota-Led UK Consortium Wins Hydrogen Government Funding

A Toyota-led consortium has won UK government funding to accelerate its development of a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-powered version of its Hilux pick-up. Funding for the project based at...


17th December 2021

Could ICE Have a Greener Future?

Keynote speaker at Automotive Techweek, Frank Abkenar, global engineering director at Ford, spoke about clean and efficient propulsion technology developments. His presentation comes at a time when the conversation...

By Graham Jarvis

3rd November 2021

Ignoring Green ICE Fuels Could be ‘Barking Mad’

With the march towards decarbonization, Automotive Tech Week Europe asked in September as part of a fireside chat, whether governments and industry are ‘Barking up the Wrong Tree’. As...

By Graham Jarvis

13th January 2020

Best-Selling Diesels Pump Out Dangerous Emissions, Study Claims

Some of the best-selling modern diesel powered cars are exploiting a legal loop hole to pump out levels of pollution that endanger the lives of urban dwellers. That’s the...


2nd October 2019

Ricardo Gasoline Concept Claims 45% Efficiency Boost

Automotive supplier Ricardo has developed a lean-burn gasoline engine it claims is 45% more efficient than current ICE technology. In league with technical partner, Chinese manufacturer Geely, it has...


1st August 2019

Dielectric Cooling Being Heralded as BEV Breakthrough

A consortium of auto suppliers and academics is claiming a breakthrough in BEV battery pack temperature management. M&I Materials, Ricardo and the WMG, University of Warwick have announced a...


25th March 2019

Ricardo Latest to Claim Cure for AV Motion Sickness

Renowned automotive engineering company Ricardo is the latest to claim a solution to cure the risk of motion sickness in driverless cars. US start-up ClearMotion and Jaguar Land Rover...


12th September 2018

Wrong Size Batteries Kill EV Eco Potential

Using batteries too big for purpose can make EV powertrains as polluting as internal combustion engines, a report considering the technology’s impact on the environment has claimed. A study...


17th July 2018

Ricardo makes 50% performance hike for new e-motor

A low voltage motor for hybrid vehicles has been announced by Ricardo claiming a whopping 50% increase in performance compared to current production machines, writes Paul Myles. The strategic...


23rd April 2018

Weekly Brief: Toyota places its bets on DSRC

Carmaker snubs GPS in plans to integrate V2V and V2I communications across its Toyota and Lexus brands in the US. Andrew Tolve reports. If cars could talk, the stories...


2nd December 2016

Truck platooning set to move out of slow lane

Change is coming to the world of transportation as we move closer to truly connected fleets. Advanced safety features leading to full autonomy will make today’s truck drivers and...


4th November 2016

Joined up thinking a must for connected fleets

Traditional fleet management systems that monitor driver behaviour, maintenance and fuel economy are increasingly being integrated with new Internet of Things (IoT) functionalities and infrastructure such as with the...