25th September 2023

Renault Commits to ICE in Brazil Until Government Ramps up BEV Support

Renault has committed to maintain production of ethanol-fueled ICE powered vehicles in Brazil, where 90% of cars are equipped to run on a mixture of gasoline. The automaker, one...


21st September 2023

NIO Launches BEV-specific Smartphones

NIO is turning the tables on some smartphone makers thinking of creating BEVs by launching its own premium smartphone specifically designed for electric cars. The NIO Phone (Pictured above:...


18th September 2023

Green Last-Mile Delivery Start-Ups Spark Surge in Electric LCVs

A race has begun to meet the explosion of demand from last-mile delivery start-up companies wanting to switch to BEVs for urban environments. While sustainability concerns are often cited,...


11th September 2023

BMW Bets UK Will Avoid ‘Rules of Origin’ Trade Penalty

BMW is betting on Germany’s support of the UK government’s attempt to gain low tariff access to European markets will be successful as it commits to $750M investment in...


11th September 2023

Nikola Lithium-ion Battery Fires Part of Growing Threat?

Electric truck maker Nikola has seen its second vehicle fire this week being blamed on overheating lithium-ion batteries. One if its semi-trucks caught fire near the company’s Phoenix headquarters...


1st September 2023

Tesla Debuts Long-Range Model 3 Amid Range Exaggeration Claims

Tesla will debut its refreshed Model 3 in China and then Germany this month claiming a 377-mile range, albeit against a backdrop of allegations it has wildly over estimated...


30th August 2023

Tesla Quizzed Over Autopilot Update Stopping Driver Monitoring

US road automotive safety regulators are demanding to know why Tesla changed its Autopilot cruise control software suite to allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel....


25th August 2023

Ford Joins Toyota’s Lead into More Hybrid Powertrain Production

In a bid to plug the gap between automaker’s over-blown sales ambitions for BEVs and consumer demand for practical ‘green’ transport here-and-now, Ford has joined the race towards self-charging...


23rd August 2023

Smartphone Maker Xiaomi on Road to BEV Manufacturing

Despite a perceived glut of BEVs out-supplying consumer demand, China has given its approval for smartphone maker, Xiaomi, to make these cars. The company has won the approval of...


22nd August 2023

California Forces GM’s Cruise to Halve its ‘Frisco Robo-Taxi Fleet

Just a week after California’s regulators gave the green light to General Motors’ Cruise to run commercial robo-taxi services in San Francisco, another state body has told the company...


11th August 2023

Ford Looks to Software Revenues to Drive LCV Profits

Software defined vehicle revenues are expected to boost Ford’s earning power from its commercial truck and van products. That’s the view of the chief financial officer of Ford Pro,...


9th August 2023

Lyft and Uber Ready for Possible Ride-Hail Price War

Lyft signaled a possible price war with rival Uber despite announcing its strong earning forecast to Wall Street this week. The move spooked investors enough to see the ride-hailing...