30th March 2023

Faraday Says its BEV Production has Begun

BEV start-up Faraday Future says it has begun production of its long-awaited first luxury car, the FF 91 Futurist, at its California factory. The news will give BEV zealots...


27th March 2023

ICE Technology in Europe Rescued by Germany

Germany looks to have won its battle to save ICE technology from being banned in Europe following a deal with European Union regulators. Reuters reports that the EU has...

23rd March 2023

Ford’s BEVs to Lose it Money for Next Three Years

Ford admits it won’t make profits on its BEV business for another three years and stands to lose $3Bn alone this year on the venture. However, it expects to...


22nd March 2023

EU Moves Closer to Scrapping ICE Ban

The European Union has taken a step closer to scrapping the blanket ban on ICE powertrains for new vehicles it had planned to take effect after 2035. According to...


17th March 2023

Volkswagen Goes Mining for Cheaper Auto Batteries

Volkswagen is planning to become a major stakeholder in mining as it bids to become a global heavyweight in automotive battery production. Reuters reports that the German auto group...


14th March 2023

Several European Nations Push Against ICE Ban

Germany is heading up a consortium of European nations pushing back against proposed emissions regulations and an ICE ban to protect their automotive industries. The Euro 7 law, which...

8th March 2023

Volkswagen Plays Waiting Game over European Battery Production

Volkswagen is halting its expansion of automotive battery production plants in Europe awaiting a conclusion of European Union negotiations over the US’s Inflation Reduction Act. The act, which gives...


6th March 2023

Mercedes-Benz Begins Construction of Battery Recycling Plant

Mercedes-Benz has begun construction of its planned pilot sustainable battery recycling factory in southern Germany in its bid to make BEV products greener than they are at present. The...


3rd March 2023

Ford Takes Another Punt on Driverless Tech

Ford looks set on having a second stab at developing driverless technology just months after losing billions of dollars on the failed Argo AI enterprise. The automaker this week...


2nd March 2023

Aramco Joins Renault-Geely ICE Joint Venture

While French automaker Renault may be staring at a ban on ICE technology for its domestic market, it has kept faith in low emission ICE powertrains for global offerings....


28th February 2023

Editor Blog: Reasons to Put ICE Ban on Ice!

Perhaps the biggest surprise about Germany’s call for the European Union to rethink its planned ICE ban for new vehicles is that it has taken so long for the...


21st February 2023

JLR Shuns Additional UK Hub in Driverless Tech Expansion

Jaguar Land Rover is extending its drive for autonomous driving by opening three more global technology hubs in Europe but none of them in the UK. While the automaker...