21st December 2018

Renault Announces Chinese EV Acquisition

Renault is acquiring a stake in a Chinese automaker’s electric vehicle subsidiary. The French automaker said it was buying “a significant part of JMEV”, the EV unit of China’s...


6th December 2018

Digital Customer Experience Now Key For Automakers

Shopping for a new car used to be a labor of love, or a trip through hell. Some customers enjoyed the trips to multiple showrooms to stroke the flanks...

By Susan Kuchinskas


12th October 2018

Renault’s Three Energy Deals to Boost EV Adoption

Renault has signed energy supply deals with three of Europe’s major players in a bid to boost the uptake of electric vehicles. The French automaker has announced the signing...


8th June 2018

Day Two TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Partnerships and data to drive forward

The connected-car industry is coming together, for real. Susan Kuchinskas wraps up the second day in Novi, Michigan. Continued from Day One. The importance of breaking down siloes and...


13th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Jaguar leads the way as EVs dominate Geneva

A look back at the highlights from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Andrew Tolve reports. Internal combustion engine powered vehicles may dominate car sales in Europe but you wouldn’t...


8th March 2018

Renault Debuts Autonomous EZ-GO Concept Vehicle

Aimed at city dwellers seeking on-demand ride-sharing services, Renault's so-called 'robo-vehicle' features Level 4 autonomous driving capability.


23rd February 2018

Putting brakes on autonomous future

A Dutch company with 90-year-old roots in the automotive braking business is growing its North American presence and says its future lies in supplying by-wire brake systems to enable...


12th February 2018

Weekly Brief: Waymo and Uber settle cyber-theft lawsuit

Waymo had Uber by the jugular. Now they’re best friends again. Andrew Tolve reports. Well that was anticlimactic. Uber and Waymo, after dragging each other through the mud for...


2nd February 2018

Partnerships point the digital way for carmakers

Can the incumbent car manufacturers capitalise on the opportunities to profit from serving in-vehicle content to the car of the future? Recent examples suggest that some of that business,...


29th January 2018

Weekly Brief: Two Tesla Autopilot incidents raise driverless concerns

A couple more Tesla Autopilot incidents raises fresh questions about the safety of semi-autonomous tech. Andrew Tolve reports. Tesla’s highly touted driver assistance system, Autopilot, picked up two more black...


23rd January 2018

Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi Launch $1B Investment Fund

Alliance Ventures, which includes Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, will invest $200 million in its first year.


11th December 2017

Weekly Brief: GM launches in-car supermarket

General Motors wants to turn your dashboard into a hub for pre-orders and purchases. Andrew Tolve reports. Feeling in the mood for a dark mocha frappuccino? How about a...