8th July 2019

Weekly Brief: More Mega Partnerships Pump Up Auto Tech

The longer the road one has to travel, the nicer it is to have some company. This is true for human beings and for businesses as well, especially those...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


19th June 2019

Renault Unveils Latest India-Only Crossover

Renault has unveiled its latest compact SUV solely for the burgeoning domestic market of India. Its Triber appears to be a larger B-segment seven-seat version of the French carmaker’s...


18th June 2019

Renault Beefs Up Zoe

Renault has boosted power and range with its second generation Zoe electric hatchback. The new Zoe has a larger, 52 kWh battery and a more powerful, 100 kW electric...


14th June 2019

Ford Joins Race for Israel Auto Tech

Ford is the latest carmaker hoping to mine the automotive technology talent burgeoning in Israel with the opening of a new research center in Tel Aviv. Alliance partners Renault...


10th June 2019

Renault and Nissan Open Innovation Lab in Israel

Renault and Nissan have founded a innovation laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel, taking advantage of the explosion of AI technology companies in the city. Named the Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv, it is focusing on autonomy, cyber–security,...


28th May 2019

Lack of EV Capacity Drives FCA-Renault Merger

Desperate to catch up in the race towards electrification, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has proposed a merger with Renault. FCA is perceived as being chronically behind the most immediate demands...


23rd May 2019

Renault Bangs the ‘Green’ Drum for EVs

Renault marshaled a defense of EV climate friendly credentials in the face of claims that they are a long way from being ‘green’. In research recently published, EVs have...


20th May 2019

Bolt Nano is New Player in Urban BEV Micro-Mobility

A new player has joined the micro-car urban BEV mobility race to take on the big players including Renault and Seat. US company Bolt Mobility has unveiled its Bolt...


16th May 2019

Honda Joins Race to Find Second Life for EV Batteries

Honda is following the Nissan and Renault by planning a second-life strategy for it’s old auto batteries to as part of a drive to reduce CO2 emissions. The automaker...


15th May 2019

Renault to Trial Autonomous Tech on Paris University Campus

Renault is putting an autonomous bus and a fleet of autonomous Renault Zoes into service in the university quarter in Paris, the company has announced. The bus service, which...


17th April 2019

Renault EZ-FLEX Last Mile Experiment

Renault has released an experimental BEV it claims could be a solution for both sustainable mobility and urban efficiency. The EZ-FLEX is primarily targeted at ‘last-mile delivery’ and so...


15th April 2019

Weekly Brief: Ford’s Dose of Reality to Driverless Dreamers

Ford is walking back its goal to mass produce self-driving cars by 2021. Speaking at a Detroit Economic Club event last week, Ford CEO Jim Hackett admitted that Ford...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve