Renault Nissan

9th January 2017

Weekly Brief: Connected cars dominate mobile tech at CES 2017

Carmakers used the Consumer Electronics Show to highlight the impending era of personalised technology in automobiles. Andrew Tolve reports. Hordes of tech enthusiasts descended on the Consumer Electronics Show...


14th October 2016

Telematics can lead the dance through Latin America’s congested streets

The streets are clogged. People are stressed, sick and late. Businesses are losing money. Governments’ finances are worn out and they can’t afford investments. Experts unanimously say the solution...


1st April 2016

Could carmaker data turnaround the fortunes of UBI?

General Motors’ (GM’s) partnership with Progressive Insurance is close to a year old, with the first pilots rolled out mid-year. In Europe, BMW has partnered Allianz partnered since 2009,...


15th February 2016

Weekly Brief: US government says computers can replace humans as ‘the driver’

Roses are red, violets are blue, self-driving cars are legal and coming to a street near you. Love, NHTSA Okay, so maybe the US federal government didn’t phrase it...


28th July 2015

Video: Renault Nissan on a mission to create standard for insurance data

Don’t miss Insurance Telematics USA 2015 this September 2-3.


12th March 2015

Q&A : OEMs Enter the UBI space—the Renault-Nissan case

TU Auto:As I recall from what you said last year, Renault-Nissan offers the insurance option as part of its R-Link service, and that it gives insurers the chance to...