18th December 2018

BASF Colors Brighten Lidar’s Ability to Better See Vehicles

In releasing a new line of car paints for 2018-2019, BASF believes that certain hues will help Lidar better detect autonomous and other vehicles.


University Turns Itself Into CV/AV Research Center
5th November 2018

University Turns Itself Into CV/AV Research Center

A major US public university is turning itself into a center of “mobility research and development”. Michigan State University (MSU) says it aims “to advance smart vehicle technology” with...


25th October 2018

AAA: ADAS Systems Could Drive Up Vehicle Repair Costs

A new study from AAA finds ADAS can add an extra $3,000 in repair costs, thanks to sensors and cameras that require specific parts and expertise.


3rd October 2018

NXP Looks to Develop ADAS Tech With New Platform

NXP, which has been developing silicon for the automotive industry, is now one of the first companies to create processors that are specifically optimized for processing radar signals in...


3rd May 2018

Startup Regulus Cyber Raises $6.3M, Launches Pyramid Suite

In addition to its $6.3 million funding round, Regulus Cyber also launched its Pyramid module, which is designed to prevent cyber attacks on a self-driving vehicle's sensors.


5th April 2018

Stanford, Purdue Project May Improve AV Laser Steering Tech

A joint research project by Stanford and Purdue universities has resulted in the discovery of new laser steering technology that is more compact and significantly faster than current systems....


15th March 2018

Lyft & Magna Team Up on Self-Driving Systems

Lyft and Canadian auto parts maker Magna have teamed up to develop and manufacture self-driving systems for the industry.


17th April 2015

Think soccer when keeping your eye on the autonomous ball

Soccer holds the key to autonomous driving, according to the University of Nevada. Raúl Rojas, visiting professor of computer science, mathematics and statistics, says soccer is harder than driving...