PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

17th October 2022

Learning from Norway’s Rapid EV Adoption

Norway is five to ten years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to EV adoption. It’s on target to reach 100% electrification by 2025. The...

By Susan Kuchinskas


24th November 2021

Automakers About to Shake Up the Insurance Industry

Elon Musk recently announced Tesla’s intent to launch a usage-based insurance (UBI) product in Texas. The move came after General Motors and Ford launched their own telematics insurance programs...

By Graham Jarvis


8th January 2021

Building Insurance Business Using Data to Set Prices

TU-Automotive reported in November that General Motors is launching itself into the insurance market. The aim is to use driving and vehicle data to set insurance prices employing its...

By Graham Jarvis


26th November 2020

Korean Auto Insurers Grasp the Autonomous Nettle

South Korean insurance companies are to start to sell autonomous vehicle insurance. Korea Bizwire said in September 2020 that South Korea’s regulator: “The Financial Supervisory Service announced that the...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd October 2019

PSA and FCA Face Losing Out in Driverless Race

Data researchers are claiming the PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) could be the big losers in bringing autonomous products to market. A study by Ptolemus Consulting Group,...


9th February 2018

World’s biggest economy poses EV challenge

Most of the world’s top carmakers now want to make electric vehicles (EVs) the mode of transport to choose.  The Washington Times reported that a race has begun for...


18th August 2017

UBI insurers face competition if they don’t keep ‘learning’

As the era of the connected customer continues apace the insurance industry faces challenges from a number of different directions.  So, what are the key requirements of future telematics...


21st April 2017

Connected Car Insurance Europe 2017 Day 2 blog

Day two of the Connected Car Insurance Europe 2017 conference began with a discussion about how the insurance industry needs to be Getting Ready for the Autonomous Driver Revolution. Dan...


5th August 2016

Biggest money is on mobile devices to spread UBI

If UBI is the future of car insurance then the mobile telephone will be its sidekick. PTOLEMUS Consulting Group projects that by 2020, 100M cars worldwide will be covered...


15th April 2016

Second bite of the UBI cherry could be tastiest for smaller Canadian insurers

Increasingly car insurance companies globally are using telematics to offer usage-based insurance (UBI). In the US eight of the ten largest insurers offer UBI solutions according to reports by...


13th April 2016

Connected Car Insurance Europe 2016, Day One: Data empowers Insurance products and services

The first ever Connected Car Insurance Europe 2016 opened with a reflection on the latest trends in the insurance industry. Delegates heard that telematics as a technology has the...