28th July 2017

Ford believes carmakers will map better than Google

Self-driving vehicles sound like a dream come true but the realities may prove to be more difficult than people realise because, even in the early stages, they require a...


18th November 2016

UBI business retention could be more powerful than discounts

In a marketplace where insurers are increasingly fighting against commoditisation, being able to retain customers is a vital skill. Using usage-based insurance (UBI) to incentivise purchase is just the...


9th September 2016

Connected Car Insurance USA 2016: Day Two Blog

Continued from Day One With 49 states now hosting at least 10 insurance programmes enabled by some sort of telematics, according to Willis Towers Watson, the competition among insurers...


8th September 2016

Connected Car Insurance USA 2016: Day One Blog

In the first day of the conference, Chicago lived up to its name as the Windy City – appropriate given the winds of change that are blowing harder at...


27th August 2015

Can telematics get Canadians feeling good about insurance again?

In July, J.D. Power released the results of a study of 2,500 Canadian consumers who had filed physical damage loss claims with their auto insurance companies. The news was...


13th February 2015

OEMs and UBI: The Start of Something Big

Usage-based insurance seems at last to have caught a tailwind and appears to be slowly becoming part of the market mainstream as insurance companies recognize its benefits and, perhaps...