PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

14th April 2020

5G Promises Much But Can’t Answer All AV Questions

The connected, 5G future has many promises that come with big demands. As the next generation in mobile connectivity it offers the capability to process terabytes of data per...

By Graham Jarvis

12th November 2019

Moscow Car-Share Bubble Set to Pop

Moscow’s car-sharing trips and fleet had doubled in the first half of 2019. According to the city authorities, 24M car-sharing trips were made, surpassing the total last year’s number....

By Roma Nazarov


16th June 2018

Broad business models most likely to triumph in mobility

How to bet on the mobility winners of the future, explored by Graham Jarvis. The automotive start-up scene, symbolised by Silicon Valley, is booming. Yet there is much talk...


2nd February 2018

Partnerships point the digital way for carmakers

Can the incumbent car manufacturers capitalise on the opportunities to profit from serving in-vehicle content to the car of the future? Recent examples suggest that some of that business,...


17th March 2017

Connecting cars to new revenue streams

In-car connectivity has been causing carmakers a goodly amount of head-scratching. Since the first telematics services were launched, car manufacturers have been trying to figure out how to use...


14th October 2016

Telematics can lead the dance through Latin America’s congested streets

The streets are clogged. People are stressed, sick and late. Businesses are losing money. Governments’ finances are worn out and they can’t afford investments. Experts unanimously say the solution...


12th February 2016

Wealthy drivers cannot sustain Indian connectivity alone

India manufactures about 3M cars a year and half a million of them are exported, claims Kumar Kandaswami, senior director of Deloitte India. His research finds that 60% of...