21st August 2023

How Autotech Can Fight Off the Hackers

Security becomes a key concern whenever anything is connected to a network and especially including connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Earlier in 2023, TechRadar reported that “major security flaws...

By Graham Jarvis

4th August 2023

Industry Voices: Supplier Challenges of Predicting the Next Transportation Revolution

Opinion piece by Roger Brereton, head of sales at steering components manufacturer Pailton Engineering. Perhaps the most famous prediction in the history of transport owes its notoriety to the...


3rd August 2023

BMW ‘Not Ready’ to Give Up on ICE

BMW is committed to continued investment in ICE powertrains despite its acceleration of development funds into BEV models. That’s because the automaker has found ICE powered vehicle sales in...


28th March 2023

Reasons Behind the e-Fuels European Fight Back

Germany has thrown a monkey wrench into the European Commission’s objective of using EVs to transition to 100% carbon-neutral vehicles by 2035, a vital element of its aim to...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


22nd March 2023

EU Moves Closer to Scrapping ICE Ban

The European Union has taken a step closer to scrapping the blanket ban on ICE powertrains for new vehicles it had planned to take effect after 2035. According to...


14th March 2023

Several European Nations Push Against ICE Ban

Germany is heading up a consortium of European nations pushing back against proposed emissions regulations and an ICE ban to protect their automotive industries. The Euro 7 law, which...

10th February 2023

Tesla Avoids Dismal Reliability Ranking by Withholding Data, J. D. Power

Fancy automated driving and infotainment technologies in premium cars are punishing the reliability scores in J.D. Power’s latest consumer survey. Reuters reports that Tesla would have finished fifth from...


3rd October 2022

Weekly Brief: Porsche IPO Proves its Premium Allure

General consensus suggests that it’s a terrible time for an IPO, what with a worldwide energy crisis, war in Ukraine, record inflation and soaring interest rates. Yet, Porsche went...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


15th August 2022

Weekly Brief: US Energy Bill Hopes to Super-Charge EV Revolution

A landmark, $430Bn climate and energy bill is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk this week. His signature is a formality on what is designed to be a huge...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th July 2022

Weekly Brief: Amazon Eyes Bigger Profits with its BEV Delivery Fleet

Amazon deployed its new fleet of electric delivery vans to cities across the US. The vans are manufactured by Rivian, which Amazon supported with a $1.3Bn investment in 2019...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Pioneering Tech a Double-Edged Sword for Tesla?

With greater success comes greater scrutiny. Tesla capped off a record-setting quarter last week, even by its own lofty standards. The company produced a record number of vehicles within...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


18th October 2021

Weekly Brief: EV Sales Suggest ICE May Have ‘Had its Chips’

So much for the myth that real drivers don’t like electric vehicles. Porsche reported last week that its all-electric Taycan is outperforming its flagship sports car, the gasoline-powered 911...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve