15th August 2022

Weekly Brief: US Energy Bill Hopes to Super-Charge EV Revolution

A landmark, $430Bn climate and energy bill is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk this week. His signature is a formality on what is designed to be a huge...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th July 2022

Weekly Brief: Amazon Eyes Bigger Profits with its BEV Delivery Fleet

Amazon deployed its new fleet of electric delivery vans to cities across the US. The vans are manufactured by Rivian, which Amazon supported with a $1.3Bn investment in 2019...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Pioneering Tech a Double-Edged Sword for Tesla?

With greater success comes greater scrutiny. Tesla capped off a record-setting quarter last week, even by its own lofty standards. The company produced a record number of vehicles within...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


18th October 2021

Weekly Brief: EV Sales Suggest ICE May Have ‘Had its Chips’

So much for the myth that real drivers don’t like electric vehicles. Porsche reported last week that its all-electric Taycan is outperforming its flagship sports car, the gasoline-powered 911...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


2nd August 2021

Volkswagen JV Hopes to Accelerate Software Capabilities

Volkswagen has set up a joint venture to accelerate its ability to develop automotive software at pace to keep up with consumer demand. It has teamed up with TraceTronic,...


5th July 2021

EV Batteries Improve but Sustainability Lags

Batteries, as a key component of electric mobility, are not just a standard product but rather an integral component of the vehicle architecture. In addition to continuous improvement of...


13th May 2021

Automakers Must Change to Exploit the Software-Defined Vehicle

Automakers know that software is the future but their evolution from car company to software company has just begun. Volkswagen Group will invest around $32Bn in digitalization by 2025....

By Susan Kuchinskas


18th March 2021

Audi Expands Swarm ADAS Capabilities

Audi is accelerating its swarm technology bringing more V2X features to its mass market products. Its upgraded “Local Hazard Information” (LHI) now uses a car-to-cloud connectivity that can estimate...


7th October 2020

VW Completes First V2V ‘Swarm Test’

Volkswagen Group has successfully tested it V2V and V2X communications suites using a mixture of its branded vehicles. The tests on an off-road circuit at the Nardò Technical Center...


15th June 2020

V8 Returns to Porsche Cayenne GTS

Porsche has returned a V8 powertrain to its Cayenne GTS lineup in a bid to elevate the ‘entry level’ sportcar’s trackday credentials. It has popped the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8...


27th December 2019

Automakers Flex Their Insurance Muscles

Would you buy auto insurance from the same company that made your vehicle? Recently, two noted automakers placed bets on customers answering “yes” to that question. In the US...

By Eric Volkman


12th December 2019

Porsche Challenges Taycan EPA Figures With Independent Assessment

Porsche commissioned its own independent test of the Taycan Turbo’s electric range after the US EPA estimated it at a low 201 miles. The independent test, conducted by automotive...