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29th May 2019

ADAS Cuts Risk But Still Raise Insurers’ Costs

The word “revolution” is perhaps used too frequently when pundits talk about connected cars. This is particularly true of the massive vehicle insurance business, which those-in-the-know tell us will...

By Eric Volkman


Insurers Tread Warily Among Connected Car Tech
26th September 2018

Insurers Tread Warily Among Connected Car Tech

Looking at the auto technology that will work best for tomorrow’s insurers, explored by Eric Volkman. As the auto industry goes, so goes the auto insurance business. As everyone...

Eric Volkman


7th September 2018

Day Two: Connected Car Insurance USA 2018

Is customer experience the key to insurance success? Susan Kuchinskas reports. The second day of the Chicago conference had a strong focus on consumer experience, that somewhat elusive concept...


9th June 2017

Risks may differ but don’t go away for driverless insurance

By reputation the insurance industry is often seen as a slow-moving beast but research suggests that their pace is changing. It seems that insurers are keenly embracing new technologies,...


30th October 2015

Video: Let's stop second-guessing what customers want from UBI

Catch up with the latest on consumer thinking at Consumer Telematics Show 2016 this January 5.


4th September 2015

Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Day II: Rummaging through the keys to UBI success

Big data – and what to do with it – were top of mind on day two of the conference. How much data is enough? How good does it...