13th September 2023

Hybrids and BEV Powertrains for New Peugeot 3008

While Peugeot has unveiled its all-electric e-3008 to replace the existing successful compact SUV model, it won’t be ditching ICE powertrains just yet. That’s because this third-generation model will...


7th September 2023

Stellantis’s Big Bet on Ellesmere as its Only BEV Plant

Stellantis has chosen the under-threat UK Vauxhall Ellesmere Port plant to create its first global BEV-only factory. While many in the UK have lauded this as a major step...


Stellantis Joins in Paris Hydrogen Taxi Launch
9th June 2023

Stellantis Joins in Paris Hydrogen Taxi Launch

Stellantis has teamed up with a Paris mobility company to supply 50 hydrogen powered taxi vehicles able to carry wheelchair users. The automaker, claiming the title of the world’s...


6th June 2023

Peugeot To Install 21-inch Infotainment Display

Peugeot has unveiled its new panoramic screen infotainment system display to make its first appearance in the upcoming mid-sector 3008. The display, part of the range-topping Allure model’s latest...


16th February 2023

Peugeot Launches Mild-Hybrid Powertrain for 3008 and 5008

Peugeot has launched its first mild-hybrid powertrains claiming a 15% fuel efficiency for its 3008 and 5008 models. The powertrain joins the automaker’s existing range of diesel, gasoline, PHEV,...


1st February 2023

Autotech and Connectivity: A Tale of Two Cities at CES and MWC

This is an exciting time of the year for anyone interested in connectivity and the automotive industry. It is the midpoint between the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las...

By Steve Bell, Chief Analyst, Connectivity at Informa Tech Automotive Group


6th January 2023

Peugeot Teases US with BEV Concept Debut

Probably the most striking aspect of Peugeot’s debut of its Inception Concept car at 2023 Consumer Electronics Show is why the brand chose the Las Vegas event. That’s because...


7th December 2022

Munro Off-Road BEV Kick-Starts Scottish Automaking

Car manufacturing has returned to Scotland and it’s an electric future in the shape of a BEV 4×4 hardcore off-road machine. Munro Vehicles, has unveiled its first vehicle, the...


27th October 2022

Stellantis’s World First Mass Production Hydrogen Vehicle Plant

Stellantis is claiming to have opened the first mass production automotive plant able to mass produce hydrogen powered commercial vehicles. The factory in Hordain, France, will begin series production...


27th September 2022

Peugeot Supermini BEV Claims Premium Drive Range

Peugeot is claiming something of a first by saying its B-segment supermini, the e-208, will boast an upmarket BEV’s driving range. The French automaker says the car, which adopts...


13th September 2022

Peugeot to Offer BEV Option to 308 Range

Peugeot will extend it’s BEV offering to two versions of its compact 308 series from 2023. Both the saloon and the SW estate models, already available in electrified plug-in...


30th March 2022

Time not Mileage Now Automotive Currency, Says Peugeot

The value of automotive mobility is no longer being weighed in terms of mileage but rather in terms of time. That’s the view of Linda Jackson, brand chief executive...