Paris Motor Show

27th September 2022

Fisker Targets Europe with SUV’s Paris Debut

US premium BEV maker, Fisker, begins its push into the growing European market with its first appearance at the Mondial de l’Auto otherwise known as the Paris Motor Show....


11th March 2019

Weekly Brief: Geneva Snoozes on Connectivity At Its Peril

This year’s Geneva International Motor Show is heavy on cars but light on connectivity. By “light” I mean that you could walk from one side of the exhibition floor...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


20th October 2016

Tested: Audi Q7 tech pack's connectivity

Audi has given its customers choosing the Technology Pack option on new vehicles three years to accept the benefits of full connectivity before they start getting charged for the...


29th August 2016

Weekly Brief: World’s first self-driving taxis hit the streets of Singapore

In a quiet district of Singapore, a little-known start-up just laid claim to one of the transportation industry's biggest prizes – the first fully operational, street-legal self-driving taxis. The...


23rd August 2016

Weekly Brief: Ford vows to produce mainstream robot car by 2021

A century ago Ford revolutionised the automotive industry with the advent of the assembly line and its first mainstream product, the Model T. Fast forward a hundred years and...


Telematics à Paris Weekly Brief—10.8.2012
8th October 2012

Telematics à Paris Weekly Brief—10.8.2012

Amadeus’ Australia and New Zealand managing director, Tim Russell, is to take over from Stephane Durand as the company’s UK and Ireland managing director.