Paris Motor Show 2018

26th October 2018

Carmakers Remain Agile in an Uncertain Technological World, Says Citroën

Carmakers are hemmed into a technological cul-de-sac not totally convinced of what the future consumer will be buying. However, for that present consumer, the upside is that there is...


18th October 2018

Style Not Power Will Sell the Cars of the Future, Says DS Autos

Engine power output will become largely irrelevant to future generations of car buyers and users more interested in lifestyle than mechanical prowess. That’s the opinion of Eric Apode vice-president...


8th October 2018

EVs Need Government Subsidies to Thrive, Says Kia

The sales growth potential of electric vehicles is in the hands of government regulators, not carmakers, because price will trump any eco-conscience that consumers may express. That’s the opinion...


2nd October 2018

Renault Set EV Eyes on China

Renault has announced its clear immediate EV focus is on the massive potential of the Chinese market. In a world threatened by a trade war between the US and...


27th September 2018

Lexus Showcases Latest Hybrid System with New UX

Lexus’s latest gasoline hybrid system will be showcased in the new Lexus UX crossover making its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2018. It will come in two power...


Peugeot eBikes Roll Back the Years
25th September 2018

Peugeot eBikes Roll Back the Years

Peugeot is turning the clock back to produce retro-styled electric cycles for the modern climate-conscious user. Drawing on its history of nearly 140 years producing bicycles, the French manufacturer...

Paul Myles


20th September 2018

Peugeot Concept Tries EV & AV With Retro Charm

Yet another premium executive all-electric car is soon to be unveiled but, Hallelujah, this new Peugeot concept is not an SUV! Yes, a sleek good-looking saloon, or sedan for...