5th December 2019

Fleets Top Target For Cyber Attack

Motor freight transportation’s key role in the global supply chain makes it an attractive target for cyber-attacks. As attacks on the transportation industry increase, ransomware is a particular area...


31st January 2019

Fleet Telematics Has Vital Role in Move to EVs

Increasingly, organizations are turning to electric vehicles (EVs) while setting goals to reduce emissions and improve operational fleet efficiency. However, there are implications on changing the powertrain of a...

By Graham Jarvis


28th January 2019

Cameras Taking a Lead Role in Fleet Telematics

Fleet operators have long understood the value of telematics solutions that let them know where vehicles are, how they’re performing, and, more recently, how drivers behave. Adding video cameras...

By Susan Kuchinskas


14th December 2018

ELD Pumps Up the Data Stream for Trucking Fleets

In December 2017 the first deadline to comply to the FMCSA rule, the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Mandate, was reached. Since then, according to some media reports, the mandate...

By Graham Jarvis

2nd June 2017

Truckers leading the autonomous charge

Self-driving car concepts have taken centre stage in the consumer vehicle market but, away from the limelight, technology is having a similar impact on commercial vehicles. Fleets could gain...


2nd December 2016

Truck platooning set to move out of slow lane

Change is coming to the world of transportation as we move closer to truly connected fleets. Advanced safety features leading to full autonomy will make today’s truck drivers and...


21st October 2016

Enhanced fleet data recording a boon for all

Not for the first time, the fleet management industry is about to undergo a massive shift. The US government’s Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate – finally locked into law...


30th October 2015

Plugging the drain of trucking talent with telematics: Part II

If you've missed Part I catch up here>>>> Parallel evolution Unfortunately, the development of autonomous trucks can't simply piggyback off work being done by automotive OEMs and tier 1s...


23rd October 2015

Plugging the drain of trucking talent with telematics: Part I

The Inspiration is truckin' along. In May, Daimler Trucks North America set the first Freightliner Inspiration free on public roads in Nevada. The demo vehicle is the first licensed,...


16th October 2015

Modern technology under modern threats, need modern fleet solutions

Dr. Tina P. Srivastava Strategic Engineering Research Group, MIT A small but growing number of security experts have focused on an emerging threat within the overall automotive security space:...