14th January 2019

Weekly Brief: Voice Assistants Were CES’ Stars, AVs its Punchline

Autonomous vehicles were out in force in Las Vegas last week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Showgoers who opened the Lyft app got a message asking if they wanted...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


10th January 2019

ZF Claims Smartest AV Supercomputer Yet

ZF is claiming to have developed “the most powerful AI-capable supercomputer” yet for the autonomous vehicle and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) sectors. The component maker collaborated with French transit major Transdev...


8th January 2019

Nvidia’s Drive AutoPilot System Is for Human-Supervised Self-Driving

At CES this week, Nvidia plans to unveil Drive AutoPilot, which the chip maker claims will bring ADAS to the next level.


21st November 2018

Nvidia Extends Chinese Business with Xpeng AV Deal

Gaming and AI computing company Nvidia is extending its reach into China by signing a strategic partnership agreement with EV carmaker Xpeng Motors. The deal, with Nvidia’s China partner...


20th November 2018

Helping Driverless Cars ‘Feel’ the Road

The artificial intelligence that controls highly automated vehicles is starting to go where the rubber hits the road. Autonomous cars, and automated features like adaptive cruise control, work almost...


5th November 2018

Ups and Downs of Gamers in Driverless Tech

Not long ago, some assumed graphics card maker Nvidia was set to be the dominant provider of autonomous vehicle platforms. Recent developments have thrown shade on that optimism, although...

By Eric Volkman


24th October 2018

Nvidia: More Computing Power Makes for Safer AVs

In a filing with the US DOT, Nvidia details how more computing power, whether it's in the data center or on the road, is key to autonomous vehicle safety.


12th October 2018

Autonomous Driving “Supercomputer” Based on Volvo-Developed Software

An automotive technology company has developed an autonomous driving “supercomputer” called ‘Zeus’, using a software stack it developed in collaboration with Volvo Cars. Veoneer, a maker of ADAS and...


10th October 2018

Volvo Partners with Nvidia for AVs

New Volvos will feature self-driving and ADAS tech from Nvidia, the automaker has announced. Following Nvidia’s entry into AV simulation, Volvo says from the early 2020s onward, it will...


27th September 2018

ARM Zeroes In On Safety With CPU for AVs

ARM's is calling its newly released Cortex-A76AE chip the first in a series of self-driving processors designed for autonomous vehicles and safety.


18th September 2018

Nvidia Partnering to Bring Driverless Virtual Testing into Real World

Gaming giant Nvidia has announced a partnership it hopes will resolve discrepancies that arise between real-world and virtual driverless vehicle testing. It has signed an agreement with British drive...


14th September 2018

Nvidia Releases Drive AGX Autonomous Vehicle Dev Kit

Nvidia has opened up its Drive AGX development kit and announced a partnership with Izusu to advance autonomous truck technology.