24th June 2020

Mercedes to Rollout Nvidia Driverless Platform

Mercedes-Benz plans to rollout Nvidia’s autonomous driving software platform across its entire fleet starting in 2024. The automaker says the two companies have been working together to develop what...


12th June 2020

Overcoming Limitations of AI and Machine Learning in AVs

Autonomous vehicles are dependent on historical and real-time data, without which artificial intelligence and machine learning would be impossible. They aren’t plug-and-play because not all of the potential scenarios...

By Graham Jarvis


1st April 2020

No Amount of AV Test Miles Predicts Every Scenario

While autonomous driving is expected to save lives being better than human drivers, AVs will probably be held to a higher standard than human-piloted cars. It’s not a technical...

By Susan Kuchinskas


2nd March 2020

Automakers Eye Up Control of the OS

Software now controls almost everything on a modern vehicle. From obvious functions like the infotainment system, to less obvious things such as brakes and then to the mundane, such...


18th December 2019

Nvidia Claims Superchip Breakthrough for L5 AV

Gaming software specialist Nvidia is claiming a superchip so fast that it could accelerate the possibility of full Level 5 autonomous driving. Its Nvidia Drive AGX Orin claims to...


24th July 2019

Robots Still Too ‘Dumb’ to Drive Alongside Humans

Driverless cars are stuck in the lower levels of autonomy because they cannot replicate a human’s instinct for another human’s bad behavior. That’s the opinion of gaming digital specialist...


2nd July 2019

Best of the Robo-Cities

As long as the automobile industry has been in existence, it’s needed to use testing facilities. With our determined progress up the levels of autonomy, of course, the requirement...

By Eric Volkman


17th June 2019

Supercomputer Claims Autonomous Leap

Gaming giant Nvidia has unveiled a supercomputer is claims will accelerate autonomous technology through its AI capabilities. It says the DGX SuperPOD, world’s 22nd fastest supercomputer, can ‘train’ AI...


Weekly Brief: Voice Assistants Were CES’ Stars, AVs its Punchline
14th January 2019

Weekly Brief: Voice Assistants Were CES’ Stars, AVs its Punchline

Autonomous vehicles were out in force in Las Vegas last week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Showgoers who opened the Lyft app got a message asking if they wanted...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


ZF Claims Smartest AV Supercomputer Yet
10th January 2019

ZF Claims Smartest AV Supercomputer Yet

ZF is claiming to have developed “the most powerful AI-capable supercomputer” yet for the autonomous vehicle and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) sectors. The component maker collaborated with French transit major Transdev...


8th January 2019

Nvidia’s Drive AutoPilot System Is for Human-Supervised Self-Driving

At CES this week, Nvidia plans to unveil Drive AutoPilot, which the chip maker claims will bring ADAS to the next level.


21st November 2018

Nvidia Extends Chinese Business with Xpeng AV Deal

Gaming and AI computing company Nvidia is extending its reach into China by signing a strategic partnership agreement with EV carmaker Xpeng Motors. The deal, with Nvidia’s China partner...