15th May 2023

Europe Ramps Up Auto Battery Battle with US

Europe is ramping up its global challenge to secure locally sourced vehicle batteries with the news that two new gigafactories are being planned. Two battery manufacturers have confirmed they...


8th March 2023

Volkswagen Plays Waiting Game over European Battery Production

Volkswagen is halting its expansion of automotive battery production plants in Europe awaiting a conclusion of European Union negotiations over the US’s Inflation Reduction Act. The act, which gives...


18th November 2022

General Motors’ Push Towards Cheaper BEV Battery Costs

General Motors is hoping to cut the cost of producing BEV battery packs by adding mining giant Vale to its list of essential material suppliers. Reuters reports that Vale...


9th February 2022

Gigafactories will Reduced Battery Production Emissions, Study Claims

Gigafactories will help reduce CO2 emissions from automotive battery production, a new study claims. Researchers from the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden say scaling up production through gigafactories...


4th February 2022

Volvo Scales Up Localized Battery Production with new Gigafactory

Volvo has committed to building a battery gigafactory in Gothenburg as part of its SEK 30Bn ($3.1Bn) investment to secure locally sourced batteries for future BEVs. It has teamed...


13th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Mercedes-Benz Breaks Through Crucial Hands-Free AV Barrier

Autonomous driving isn’t autonomous driving if you have to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It’s more like babysitting. Yet, almost every so-called...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve