7th November 2017

TU-Automotive Europe 2017: Day 1

In redefining the role and function of the automobile, in-car connectivity is enabling a singular, and very welcome, coupling of private and public needs. With urban populations predicted to...


18th August 2017

Connectivity breathes new life into carmaker prospects says GM

The future of mobility is changing drastically thanks to a wide variety of new and innovative technologies. From cameras and sensors for autonomous driving to connectivity and the IoT,...


10th March 2017

Big challenges but bigger opportunities for UBI

Usage-based insurance (UBI) is considered by many to be the future of vehicle insurance. After all, we live in a world where connected cars are becoming more and more...


25th November 2016

Tested: Tesla Autopilot in the Model X 90D

This car screams technology from the moment you approach and touch the chrome strip paddles that open the front doors automatically or the rear ones that see the huge...


20th October 2016

Tested: Audi Q7 tech pack's connectivity

Audi has given its customers choosing the Technology Pack option on new vehicles three years to accept the benefits of full connectivity before they start getting charged for the...


23rd November 2015

Uber-challenging role for start-ups in the fleet industry

Truckers are saying ’10-4’ to new technology as the younger generation of logistics professional takes the reins in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The Connected Fleets USA 2015 conference...


26th August 2015

Making the most of UBI

But the expenses and logistics involved to connect cars from a plethora of brands to an even greater number of insurance companies have often proved daunting. That’s where Verisk...


29th June 2015

Alliance targets 100k SIM expansion

With access to many UK and European mobile networks through Wireless Logic’s one-window ‘SIMPro’ platform, BigChange technology will now be deployed with local and global M2M SIMs supported by...


3rd June 2015

TU-Automotive Awards 2015 winners revealed

Naturally, competition for each category was fierce but the best-of-the-best can now be revealed as: Car Maker of the Year: Volvo Car Group Volvo swept rivals aside by taking...


21st April 2015

PSA seven-year connected car deal with IBM

It hopes the IoT ecosystem of connected services will allow PSA to develop new business opportunities for a variety of industries, including automotive distribution, smarter cities, and retail. In...


15th April 2015

UK gets Ford’s CV telematics this summer

Ford and Telogis announced the expansion of their exclusive partnership claiming to provide value to customers beyond the vehicle. The system will use real-time information from vehicles to enable...


The Co-operators and IMS: Canada’s First UBI Partnership Case Study Presentation at Insurance Telematics Canada 2015
15th January 2015

The Co-operators and IMS: Canada’s First UBI Partnership Case Study Presentation at Insurance Telematics Canada 2015

This case study will give attendees a thorough understanding of the necessary steps to bring a successful usage-based insurance (UBI) program to market. The case study will help insurers...