29th April 2016

Nissan wants global standards for the driverless car

As autonomous driving and sharing services advance worldwide, the land of mobility finds large changes arriving at its border. How do industry-leading companies respond to these looming changes? TU-Automotive...


29th March 2016

Weekly Brief: Connected tech reigns supreme at 2016 New York Auto Show

The car may still be king at the New York Auto Show but “mobility service” was the buzzword this year in the exhibition halls and keynote addresses. CEO of...


21st March 2016

Weekly Brief: Carmakers pledge to make AEB standard by 2022

Safety organisations claim that automatic emergency brakes (AEB) would save an estimated 10,000 lives a year in the US if they were standard across all new cars. That’s nearly...


7th March 2016

Weekly Brief: A Google car crashes, world gasps, yet fuel-fumed Geneva Motor Show just smirks

All eyes should have been trained on Geneva Motor Show last week for the year’s premier European auto show; instead, a minor bump between a bus and a Google...


8th February 2016

Weekly Brief: Tesla ‘trailer’ plan to boost EV range

“I’m thinking about it,” said Elon Musk who faces possibly the toughest automotive challenge so far – to make trailer towing look cool! The pathfinding CEO behind Tesla Motors...


5th February 2016

Harsh Russian winds stoke flames of technological innovation

Before the recent drop in the Russian automobile industry, Russia was a leader in global car production. While they produced cars all over the world, some technologies remained unique...


21st January 2016

Don’t worry, cracks in the autonomous road are just disrupters!

Thilo Koslowski, vice-president, analyst and founder of Gartner's Automotive Practice, has said that, ultimately, the car will become a node in a much bigger network. This will create new...


18th January 2016

Weekly Brief: Obama pledges $4Bn to self-driving cars at Detroit Auto Show

President Obama means business with self-driving cars — to the tune of four billion dollars. Amid all the shiny concept cars at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, despite new flagship...


30th November 2015

Weekly Brief: Ford announces SYNC Connect, its first embedded telematics system

In this week’s Brief: The LA Auto Show, Audi of America, BMW of North America, Nissan, Volvo, CarCharging/Blink, ChargePoint, NRG EVgo, Chevy Volt, Audi A3 E-Tron, Toyota Prius, Hyundai...


27th November 2015

Auto tech companies battle chilly winds of Russian economy

While some Russian companies continue with ‘business as usual’, others develop and test new strategies. However not everyone in the automotive industry has suffered losses. “We are continuing to...


6th November 2015

Monetising Connected Car Data

Automotive players are treading water amid a deluge of data being retrieved from increasingly connected vehicles. Now it seems vital that companies have a coherent strategy for using and...


2nd November 2015

Weekly Brief: AAA finds hands-free tech guilty of distracting drivers

Bad news folks: Hands-free technologies are just as distracting as touch screens in cars. New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that speech-activated, voice-to-text systems do...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve