23rd June 2020

Renault-Nissan Facing Claims of Emission Cheat Devices

Renault and Nissan have been accused of employing emission cheat devices to improve recorded pollution levels in both diesel and gasoline engines. A UK law firm has filed a...


18th May 2020

Weekly Brief: Delusional Musk Won’t Stop the Virus-Savvy Innovators

After a month of stalled assembly lines and shuttered factories, the North American automotive industry is coming back to life. Carmakers began to reopen their factories last week as...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


12th May 2020

BEVs in the Automotive’s New Normal

The coronavirus epidemic could not have come at a worse time for the growth of the EV market. The pandemic has shut factories, stalled innovation, disrupted supply chains and...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


14th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Virus ‘Rationalizing’ Could Repeat Auto Brand Extinction

US stocks delivered a blistering rally last week, as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more than 25% into a full-blown bull market. Automakers shared...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


30th March 2020

Weekly Brief: Carmakers’ Switch to Respirator Production Gives Us All Hope

A week after shutting down their manufacturing operations owing to the coronavirus pandemic, many carmakers found themselves planning to re-open their factories last week. However, this time they plan...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

16th March 2020

Weekly Brief: Virus ‘Silver Lining’ Could End Auto’s Dependency on China

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world with frightening speed, the automotive industry has braced itself for what could be a long and costly disruption to operations. Some...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th February 2020

Nissan Claims Complex UK 230-Mile AV Test

Nissan is claiming the most complex autonomous drive in the UK to date following its Leaf’s 230-mile drive on town, country and highway roads. The government backed trial through...


27th January 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Braves Indian Protests With 10,000 E-Rickshaw Pledge

India is a tapestry of color, sound, smell and light. It’s a mishmash of life. You can see anything and everything here and often do within a single block...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


24th January 2020

Nissan Promises 2,000 BEV Fleet to London’s Under Threat Uber

Nissan has pledged a fleet of 2,000 of BEVs for London’s Uber service despite the taxi company being under threat of losing its right to trade in the UK...


8th January 2020

Tested: Nissan Juke Ideal Urban Car-Share

All sorts of peer-to-peer car-share ‘clubs’ are popping up in urban environments around the world. That’s hardly surprising to a city dweller such as myself because urban mobility will,...


6th January 2020

Weekly Brief: International Fugitive Carlos Ghosn Steals Auto Spotlight From CES 2020

Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn became an international fugitive last week when he fled his home in Japan in the middle of the night. Ghosn was arrested by Japanese...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


24th October 2019

Nissan Tests AWD Crossover Leaf

Nissan has built an all-wheel-drive, crossover-style Leaf as a test vehicle to pioneer new EV technologies. The car has two independent electric motors, one on each axle, generating 227kW...