13th November 2020

Nissan Brings Back ICE Generator for Europe with Qashqai

Nissan’s third generation Qashqai compact SUV will be the first ICE generator powered electric powertrain in Europe since General Motors pulled the plug on the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera in 2015....


12th October 2020

Nissan Joins Project for Urban AV Advancement

Nissan has joined a private-public funded UK pilot to explore autonomous vehicle mobility in city environments. The latest AV research project launched this month is dubbed ServCity and hopes...


18th September 2020

Second-Life Leafs Finding Happy Home in Russia

The BEV market in the Russian bloc of countries may be small but it has Europe’s largest fleet of BEV buses working in Moscow and a growing demand for...

By Roma Nazarov


9th September 2020

Alliance Bids to Electrify Uber in Europe

Renault and Nissan are aiming to electrify Uber’s European fleet in a bid to clean up the continent’s urban air quality. Within their Alliance, they have signed a memorandum...


18th August 2020

Nissan AV Truck Pilot Gets Green Light in UK

Driverless trucks could soon be trialed on UK highways following the agreement of government funding for a Nissan CAV pilot. Connectivity specialist StreetDrone has won the investment as part...


13th August 2020

Automakers Risk Missing Diesel Boat in India

Automakers have been warned not to can all its diesel powertrains for its products in India because the demand remains for many consumers. While admitting rising costs and tightening...


3rd August 2020

Pay Your Parking WIth Surplus BEV Energy, Says Nissan

Nissan is exploring the viability of EV owners paying for their parking with surplus electric battery power. The automaker, already spear-heading vehicle-to-grid projects earning cash for unused energy in...


24th July 2020

Audi Joins the V2G Queue Hoping to Accelerate BEV Sales

Audi is the latest automaker taking a leaf out of Nissan’s BEV book and exploring vehicle-to-grid charging capabilities on its all-electric models. Nissan has been extolling the virtues of...


15th July 2020

Nissan’s First ‘Stress-Free’ Coupé Crossover BEV Unveiled

Nissan has unveiled its latest BEV aimed at providing a stress-free driving experience – the Nissan Ariya electric coupé crossover. The car, first seen as a first draft IMx...


23rd June 2020

Renault-Nissan Facing Claims of Emission Cheat Devices

Renault and Nissan have been accused of employing emission cheat devices to improve recorded pollution levels in both diesel and gasoline engines. A UK law firm has filed a...


18th May 2020

Weekly Brief: Delusional Musk Won’t Stop the Virus-Savvy Innovators

After a month of stalled assembly lines and shuttered factories, the North American automotive industry is coming back to life. Carmakers began to reopen their factories last week as...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


12th May 2020

BEVs in the Automotive’s New Normal

The coronavirus epidemic could not have come at a worse time for the growth of the EV market. The pandemic has shut factories, stalled innovation, disrupted supply chains and...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz