27th April 2023

BEV Owners Seeing Residual Values Nose-Dive, Says Study

A UK study claims battery electric vehicles are depreciating so fast that some lose more than half their value in just three years. The research, commissioned by used car...

9th March 2023

Nissan Turns to Component ‘Sharing’ to Cuts EV Costs

Nissan is targeting cut-price BEV and hybrid vehicles with the announcement of its ‘sharing’ business model to cut production costs. Its new strategy for electrified powertrain development, dubbed “X-in-1”,...


21st February 2023

JLR Shuns Additional UK Hub in Driverless Tech Expansion

Jaguar Land Rover is extending its drive for autonomous driving by opening three more global technology hubs in Europe but none of them in the UK. While the automaker...


8th February 2023

Nissan BEV Takes on Pole-to-Pole Challenge

Nissan hopes to prove its BEV technology’s robust potential by taking on a Pole-to-Pole challenge with its modified Ariya e-4ORCE. The vehicle is preparing to embark on the world-first...


2nd February 2023

Nissan turns Virtual BEV Concept into Metal

Nissan will display a physical concept car that had previously been unveiled only in virtual form at its Nissan Futures mobility event this year in Japan. The February-long event...


25th January 2023

China-Driven Electric Hype Boosts EV Market in Russia

Two new BEV brands were established in Russia in 2022 and mass production launched owing to technological support from Chinese automakers. In September, Russian automaker Motorinvest launched production of...

By Roma Nazarov


20th January 2023

Pricing EVs Out of the Market

Consumers eager to purchase BEVs could be excused for feeling bewildered and frustrated by prices, which continue to rise even as the cost of the batteries powering them decline....

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

7th October 2022

Volvo’s Upcoming BEV to Feature Bi-Directional Charging

Volvo is taking a leaf (pardon the pun) out of Nissan’s BEV playbook by telling us in its drip-drip launch of the EX90 that it will boast bi-directional charging...


8th August 2022

Ford Sells Indian Production Plant to Tata Motors

Ford is the latest western automotive brand to finally pull the plug on its India production operations agreeing to sell out to domestic giant Tata Motors. The BBC reports...


1st August 2022

Weekly Brief: BEV Giants’ Tax Boost but Minnows on the Ropes

Democrats in the US Senate agreed to a climate bill that will eliminate the cap on electric vehicle credits, marking a major win for the auto industry. The $369Bn...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th July 2022

Shining a Light on Automotive Solar Power

Solar technology has been with us for decades – the promise of free and abundant energy from the sun is an irresistible lure to humankind. It was only natural...

By Eric Volkman


1st July 2022

Nissan Ariya Crossover Claiming up to 329 Mile Range

Nissan has launched its first crossover BEV on the market claiming driving ranges between 250 miles and 329 miles. The Nissan Ariya is available in just two grades, Advance...