24th February 2023

NIO Could Enter Battery Build Race, Sources Claim

BEV maker NIO is said to be planning to build its first automotive battery plant to supply cylindrical cells similar to those used by BMW and Tesla. Two sources...


21st February 2023

NIO to Near Double Battery Swap Capability

Chinese BEV maker NIO is ramping up its domestic battery swap infrastructure with the pledge to build an extra 1,000 stations by the end of the year. The move...


10th October 2022

NIO’s European Expansion Under Way

BEV battery swap-out carmaker NIO has revealed its ambitious European expansion plans following its first foray into the Norwegian market last year. During a launch ceremony in Berlin, the...


2nd August 2022

NIO Builds First Non-Domestic Battery Plant in Europe

Chinese swappable battery champion NIO is expanding its European footprint this year with the opening of its first continental battery factory. The facility, due to begin commercial production in...


20th April 2022

Tesla’s Battery Supplier Starts its Own Swap-Out Service

Tesla’s Chinese battery supplier has opened it’s first battery swap stations in the city of Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian Province. The stations are run under Contemporary Amperex Technology Company...


21st December 2021

NIO’s Sports Sedan Targets Global Markets

Chinese BEV maker NIO, known for its swap-out battery technology, has unveiled its latest model as a sporting sedan planning to expand its sales into Europe. The ET5 claims...


20th July 2021

EV Battery Swap Back in Vogue but For How Long?

Russia’s SberAutoTech has demonstrated a prototype of an urban mobility system named Flip, aimed at the robo-taxis and delivery markets. It is comprised of a hive of connected SAE...

By Roma Nazarov


6th May 2021

NIO to Bring BEV Battery Swap to Norway

NIO is the latest Chinese BEV maker to target Norway as its first foothold into the European car market by bringing its battery swap system to the continent. The...


22nd March 2021

Weekly Brief: Automaker Self-Belief in EVs a Vital Element

“You can or you can’t, either way you’re right.” I heard these words of inspirational advice on a run last week with my virtual trainer, who was leading me...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


9th February 2021

Tesla Safety Faults Worry Chinese Regulators

Chinese regulators could derail Tesla’s mass market ambitions in the nation by raising concerns over its safety systems so far ignored by western regulators. For they are citing issues...


21st August 2020

NIO to Sell BEVs Without a Battery Pack

Chinese BEV maker NIO has begun selling battery-less cars with swap-out capabilities in what it calls a Battery as a Service (BaaS) offering. In a move that echoes Renault’s...


20th May 2020

Baidu Begins Public Robo-Taxi Rides in ‘Smart City’

Digital giant Baidu has begun robo-taxi rides for members of the public in a city claiming to be at the forefront of China’s drive towards smart city capabilities. Late...