05 Oct 2018

Feds’ New AV Policy Paper Continues Voluntary Approach

The Trump Administration is sticking with its light-touch approach to regulating autonomous vehicles.


26 Sep 2018

NTSB Calls for Standards on Automated Pedestrian Detection

The NTSB is recommending that lawmakers set new rules for pedestrian collision avoidance systems, along with new standards for headlights, to help reduce fatalities on US roads.


30 Jul 2018

Connected services for fleets in ‘Auto Pilot’ mode

Susan Kuchinskas looks at opportunities to serve the autonomous fleet of the future. How will fleet telematics services change with autonomy? Some services will obviously disappear: good-bye, driver coaching...


16 Jul 2018

AVs Don’t Need to Be Regulated Yet, Car Safety Chief Says

President Trump's nominee to lead the NHTSA, Heidi King, believes the federal government should take a light touch when regulating autonomous vehicles for safety. Not everyone is convinced.


29 Jun 2018

Study claims distracted driving is endemic

Robert Gray is told telematics shows most drivers flout safety by using phones while driving. Distracted driving is not only worse than many experts thought it was, it’s 100...


07 Jun 2018

Day One TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Expanding universe of technology and partners

Susan Kuchinskas reports on the first day of the industry’s top technology conference. The diversity of companies, technologies and business models gathered together on the first day of TU-Automotive...


21 May 2018

Bosch Gives Motorcycles a Shot at Safety Automation

While there are more passenger vehicles on the road than motorcycles, these bikes would benefit even more from advanced safety features and V2V communication. Bosch has a plan to...


17 May 2018

Connected Car Delays Come Under Fire at NHTSA Hearing

During a Senate confirmation hearing, Heidi King, who has been nominated to lead the NHTSA, faced tough questions about preparing the country for connected and autonomous vehicles, as well...


23 Apr 2018

Nissan Rogue Sport Offers More Standard ADAS Safety Features

Nissan continues to expand its standard offering of ADAS safety features such as automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning. This time, the company has added the technology to...


23 Apr 2018

Should Government Brake or Accelerate Self-Driving Cars?

A recent debate among government regulators and auto industry executives shows that the road to autonomous cars is no straight line.


30 Mar 2018

Uber’s Woes Signal Tougher Times for Autonomous Cars

Uber has been a controversial company before this month's fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle in Arizona. Now, the pressure on the company, and the whole autonomous industry, is...


26 Mar 2018

Weekly Brief: Uber death throws autonomous testing into doubt

An Uber self-driving car driving in autonomous mode struck a 49-year-old homeless woman walking a bike across a road late at night in Tempe, Arizona, last week. The car’s...