12th December 2022

Weekly Brief: Uber’s Very Tiny Toe Back in Robo-Taxi Market

Uber once had grand designs to pioneer the robo-taxi industry. Instead, it limped into the market last week with a modest, daytime-only service in Las Vegas. Uber’s first robo-taxi...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th December 2022

Trucking Deal Latest Collapse to Rock Driverless Industry

In another blow to the prospects of driverless vehicle adoption, TuSimple and Navistar have ended a deal to jointly develop self-driving trucks, the companies have said. Reuters reports that...


17th July 2018

Minnows making waves in auto tech

Small players sounding off among the emerging technology assessed by Eric Volkman. As far as automakers are concerned, it’s the ‘Big Guys’ that dominate the conversation when the topic...


18th August 2017

Trains of trucks are on their way

The impression that many people get is that driverless cars may grab the headlines but semi-automated convoys of trucks are much closer to being seen on the nation's roads....


2nd June 2017

Truckers leading the autonomous charge

Self-driving car concepts have taken centre stage in the consumer vehicle market but, away from the limelight, technology is having a similar impact on commercial vehicles. Fleets could gain...


6th June 2016

It’s a nightmare for ‘Suicide Seb’ at Mcity!

As far as vehicle transportation is concerned, the city of the future is here. Appropriately located not far from Detroit is Mcity, an outdoor testing facility for connected and...