National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA

6th August 2019

Consumers Remain Distant From Driverless Tipping Point

There is no true progress without resistance and there are fewer technologies progressing faster than assisted driving. For proof, look no further than the driverless car pilot project General...

By Eric Volkman


10th April 2019

Regulators Still Not Up To Speed With AVs, Says Navya

Driverless car development has quickly outpaced most current regulations, causing a number of headaches for manufacturers looking to test their autonomous technologies. In the US vehicles are still required...

By Louis Bedigian


25th May 2018

Getting regulators on the driverless bus

Legal challenges facing the driverless car continue, explored by Simmi Sinha. In our article Guinea-pig testing casts a ‘shadow’ over driverless tech we discussed the challenges of autonomous vehicle testing and...


5th January 2017

TU-Automotive’s Consumer Telematics Show: innovation on all fronts

Innovation was the major theme of the Consumer Telematics Conference 2017, held this week in Las Vegas. Autonomous driving itself was positioned as a given: automakers will continue on...


7th October 2016

Honda takes a slow-lane approach to V2V

Amid the fanfare launch of one of Honda’s most advanced mass market models has come the admission that the new tenth generation Civic will not be able to handle...


30th September 2016

Safety tests put stars-in-the-eyes of consumers

“In the majority of global ratings, active safety effectiveness does not yet affect the rating published,” says Michiel van Ratingen, secretary general at Euro NCAP. “US NCAP, Japan NCAP...


25th July 2016

Weekly Brief: $4.5Bn US government boost to build EV infrastructure

Gas stations are a signature of the American landscape. From abandoned single-pumps to 21st-century mega stations, it’s tough to go a mile in any direction in the US without...


19th February 2016

Making connected cars’ data numbers add up to consumer protection

Cars today rely on millions of lines of software code that control the function of a growing number of electronic control units (ECUs). As we head up the path...


25th January 2016

Weekly Brief: GM full steam ahead with ridesharing, while insurers get the autonomous shakes

Uber who? Google what? If General Motors (GM) is supposed to be intimidated by the tech giants of the autonomous driving and ridesharing space, the carmaker certainly isn’t showing it....