National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA

7th July 2022

Tesla Woes Mount with German Software Recall

German regulators have demanded a recall of more than 59,000 Tesla vehicles following the discovery of a system software glitch. Our sister website, IoT World Today, reports that the...


17th June 2022

Tesla Tops Autonomous ADAS Crash Table

Pressure is mounting on the safety record of Tesla’s Autopilot cruise control software with 273 reported crashes with the systems engaged in the US since July last year, according...

3rd February 2022

Another Tesla Recall Now for Rolling Through Stop Signs

Tesla has announced another recall of vehicles, this time for software that allows them to roll through stop signs. Following on from its recall of nearly half a million...


31st December 2021

Tesla Recalls nearly Half a Million Cars

Tesla is to recall 475,000 of its vehicles sold in the US, nearly as many as it delivered to the market for the entirety of 2020. As reported by...


25th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Pioneering Tech a Double-Edged Sword for Tesla?

With greater success comes greater scrutiny. Tesla capped off a record-setting quarter last week, even by its own lofty standards. The company produced a record number of vehicles within...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


11th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Unregulated Driverless Cars About to Happen in US?

General Motors unveiled a new driving system last week that could radically reshape the race to put self-driving consumer cars on the road in North America. Dubbed Ultra Cruise,...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


17th September 2021

Industry Voices: The Tesla Emphasis on Vision

Opinion piece by Brad Rosen, co-founder and chief operating officer of NODAR, a provider of multi-camera 3D vision technology for advanced driver-assistant systems and autonomous vehicles. NHTSA has opened...


30th August 2021

Every Chevy Bolt at Risk of Battery Pack Fire, GM Recall Says

General Motors has extended it’s recall of its BEV Chevrolet Bolt to include all models ever made. The BBC reports that the risk of a serious battery pack fire...


17th August 2021

NHTSA Finally Turns Heat Up on Tesla Autopilot

US regulators have finally launched an official investigation into Tesla’s adaptive cruise control system following a catalogue of accidents and complaints. BBC News reports that the National Highway Traffic...


19th July 2021

Weekly Brief: When’s a Self-Driving Car Not a Self-Driving Car? When it’s a Tesla

Tesla launched a new subscription service last week for its ‘Full Self Driving’ (FSD) package. For the price of $199 per month, Tesla owners can now upgrade their vehicles...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


21st June 2021

Weekly Brief: China on Song with AV Advancement as US Dithers

Germany was the first country to legalize self-driving cars, the United States was the first to commercialize them but China may be the first to take them mainstream. Last...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


3rd June 2021

Tesla Raises Concerns of Putting Cost ahead of Safety

Tesla has reignited the debate over driverless technology requirements by deciding to focus on camera-only Level 2 automated driving systems. Reuters has reported that the BEV automaker has now...