mobility as a service

16th October 2018

Mobility-as-a-Service Will Grow Fast & Save Fuel – Study

The popularity of Mobility-as-a-Service platforms is expected to increase substantially over the next five years, according to Juniper Research.


13th September 2018

Gett Promises Green Taxi Rides

Mobility on demand taxi operator Gett, is claiming its UK service now offers ‘carbon neutral’ cab rides. Passengers with strong climate consciences can pay an extra 20p ($0.26) per...


30th August 2018

Toyota-Uber Partnership Should Play to Strengths

Uber’s new partnership with Toyota, in which they plan to put self-driving cars on the road in a pilot by 2021, may be a step in the right direction...


25th July 2018

GM’s Maven Tries Letting Owners Share Their Cars

Trying to cash in on the car-sharing and ride-sharing trend, GM's Maven program will now allow car owners to rent out their vehicles in select cities.


24th July 2018

Toyota Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells & AI to Mobilize 2020 Olympics

The Summer 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be a showcase of sustainable, autonomous vehicle technology, as well as sportsmanship, from Toyota.


9th July 2018

Mobility-as-a-Service Requires Platform Agility

Agility and adaptability are not terms that you would normally associate with auto manufacturers. By digital standards, their product development cycles are long, usually between three to four years,...


25th January 2018

Nissan, NASA Extend Autonomous Fleet Management Partnership

Nissan's Seamless Autonomous Mobility, or SAM, is built on NASA aerospace tech.