25th March 2021

EU Regulators Urged to Drop Proposed ICE Bans

Pressure mounts on European regulators to abandon plans to ban ICE technology in new vehicles in the misguided assumption that a switch to BEVs would reduce CO2 emissions. Hard...


23rd October 2019

Electrified Powertrains Surge Into Tokyo Show

A host of electrified vehicles from Japanese automakers have made their debut at this week’s 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda has launched the MX-30, its first electric vehicle, which has been “developed for customers who don’t want...


3rd October 2019

Gas Turbine Rears Its Head Again With Mitsubishi PHEV Concept

Mitsubishi will unveil a gas turbine-powered PHEV concept in what must be one of the most bizarre iterations of a hybrid powertrain at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese...


18th September 2019

Mitsubishi Micro PHEV Concept Joins Urban EV Rush

Mitsubishi is joining the rush towards micro-electrified cars for the city environment but shunning BEV in favor of its successful PHEV powertrains. Its latest small PHEV concept will make...


5th June 2019

TU-Automotive Awards 2019: Honoring innovation, incredible success and unparalleled achievements

The hottest awards show of the year commenced on the evening of June 4, 2019. Bringing together the best, most innovative and most accomplished OEMs, Tier 1s, startups and...

Louis Bedigian


8th May 2019

Mitsubishi Calls To Reinstate UK PHEV Incentives

Mitsubishi has spoken out against the UK government removing the consumer incentives for PHEVs, saying the government “massively underestimates” the benefits of PHEVs. The UK government recently removed the...


7th March 2019

Car Data Unlocks As Many Opportunities as Concerns

Cars are producing data that can help automakers, personalize experiences and improve driving skills. Mobility data is not without issues but can provide fascinating future use cases. TU-Automotive talked...

By Lynn Walford


29th January 2019

Mitsubishi SUV Concept a Full EV?

Mitsubishi has given a sneak peek of its alternative powertrain concept SUV that will be unveiled at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show in March. The concept is dubbed...


12th February 2018

Weekly Brief: Waymo and Uber settle cyber-theft lawsuit

Waymo had Uber by the jugular. Now they’re best friends again. Andrew Tolve reports. Well that was anticlimactic. Uber and Waymo, after dragging each other through the mud for...


29th January 2018

Weekly Brief: Two Tesla Autopilot incidents raise driverless concerns

A couple more Tesla Autopilot incidents raises fresh questions about the safety of semi-autonomous tech. Andrew Tolve reports. Tesla’s highly touted driver assistance system, Autopilot, picked up two more black...


23rd January 2018

Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi Launch $1B Investment Fund

Alliance Ventures, which includes Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, will invest $200 million in its first year.


25th August 2017

Suppliers need to keep their heads in a driverless world

Safety first is a mantra that many of us aspire to achieve but it’s not one that’s always maintained. In commercial terms, an inability to put it at the...