26th December 2018

How US States Jumped on the Autonomous Bandwagon in 2018

Over the last 12 months, numerous US states took steps to lure autonomous vehicle developers, hoping to emulate the success of leaders California and Arizona.


20th June 2018

Ford Makes Michigan Central Station its Corktown Centerpiece

The massive Michigan Central Station building will become the centerpiece of Ford's Corktown district campus in Detroit, with a focus on autonomous vehicle development.


4th May 2018

Toyota Builds Autonomous Vehicle Test Track in Michigan

TRI, the research arm of Toyota, is building a closed-course track in Michigan for the development and testing of autonomous vehicles.


24th April 2018

Michigan, UK Join Forces on Connected Cars & AVs

The new inked agreement between the UK and Michigan should help to accelerate the development of connected and autonomous cars on both sides of the Atlantic.


6th April 2018

Michigan’s American Center for Mobility Officially Opens

The newly opened Michigan's American Center for Mobility is being lauded as the future of autonomous vehicle development and testing. Microsoft, which is eyeing a bigger role for itself...


19th March 2018

GM Invests $100M to Build Cruise AV Cars in Michigan

GM is beefing up investment in two Michigan plants ahead of the company's planned commercial production of the self-driving Cruise AV.


31st May 2016

Weekly Brief: Uber finally finds its automaker partner in Toyota

You can only poke a sleeping bear for so long. First General Motors needled Uber with a $500M (£342M) investment in Lyft back in January. Then Apple jabbed the...


6th July 2015

US government gets in gear by ‘investing’ in connected cars

On the initiative, and with the funding of the US Department of Transportation (DOT), a unique partnership between it, other public bodies and multiple OEMs and carmakers has been...


15th May 2015

Holy Batmobiles, the Caped Crusader’s car connected in Detroit

Don’t miss your chance to walk the exhibition floor for free at the 16th annual TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 Conference & Exhibition on 3-4 June, in Novi, Michigan. About 3,000...


15th May 2015

In law, Tomorrowland’s another day – Part I

Back when the Space Age was just getting underway a media-induced frenzy was going on about the future and it was promised to be 'just around the corner', including...