8th January 2021

Building Insurance Business Using Data to Set Prices

TU-Automotive reported in November that General Motors is launching itself into the insurance market. The aim is to use driving and vehicle data to set insurance prices employing its...

By Graham Jarvis


30th June 2020

Insurers See Virus’s Unexpected Boost for UBI

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods globally but one of the most startling and apparent changes has been the rapid decline in vehicular traffic. Insurance industry experts...

By Robert Gray


3rd October 2018

Quality Data Drives Moves Against Motor Insurance Fraud

Metromile, the pay-per-mile auto insurer, had a problem: when customers had claims, their satisfaction plummeted. Looking into it, execs realized that, while 70% to 80% of claims were easily...


30th July 2018

Weekly Brief: Ford follows GM’s lead in fishing for investors

GM got rich when it spun off its self-driving unit now Ford wants to do the same. Andrew Tolve comments. Ford seems to be playing follow-my-leader to General Motors...


21st July 2017

Miles mean smiles for auto insurer

With so many insurers concentrating on a future strategy of UBI products, there’s a disrupter that is questioning the validity of the behavioural approach. US newcomer, Metromile takes a...


9th June 2017

Risks may differ but don’t go away for driverless insurance

By reputation the insurance industry is often seen as a slow-moving beast but research suggests that their pace is changing. It seems that insurers are keenly embracing new technologies,...


19th May 2017

Data holds the key for future insurance

The evolution of auto insurance is sure to include two primary components – those born from within (such as UBI) and those created by manufacturers and suppliers (smart mobility,...


21st April 2017

Connected Car Insurance Europe 2017 Day 2 blog

Day two of the Connected Car Insurance Europe 2017 conference began with a discussion about how the insurance industry needs to be Getting Ready for the Autonomous Driver Revolution. Dan...


20th April 2017

Connected Car Insurance Europe 2017 Day 1 blog

This year’s Connected Car Insurance Europe opened for the first day with topical discussions about the future of the insurance industry, the need to use telematics data as the...


20th May 2016

Wrestling with risk around the driverless car

The chances are good that in a decade’s time some of us will own a car that is capable of driving itself in many, if not most, situations. Our...


11th March 2016

Insurance for an ‘Uber’ world

In November of 2014, the San Francisco Chronicle published quotes from leaked Geico internal documents encouraging insurance agents to refer policy holders who drove for Uber or Lyft to...


22nd February 2016

Weekly Brief: ‘Birthplace of Time’ to become UK testing hub for driverless tech

Beep beep, out of the way Meridian. Move over Mean Time. There’s a new boss in Greenwich, London: the self-driving car. The UK has made no secret of its...