Mercedes Benz

17th January 2022

Weekly Brief: EVs Start Walking-the-Walk Towards Mass Adoption

The electric vehicle revolution won’t be a revolution until the business fundamentals support it. Consumer curiosity, federal tax breaks, automaker incentives and environmental angst only go so far. If...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


4th January 2022

Mercedes-Benz’s 620-miler Halo BEV Close to Market Ready

Mercedes-Benz claims it is on the cusp of bringing a 1,000km (620-mile) range halo BEV model to market by combining the best of currently available technologies. As an illustration,...


3rd January 2022

Weekly Brief: Another Year, Another Challenge for the Auto Industry

Iconic actress and comedian Betty White died on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99, two weeks shy of her 100th birthday. White was a television pioneer and...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


13th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Mercedes-Benz Breaks Through Crucial Hands-Free AV Barrier

Autonomous driving isn’t autonomous driving if you have to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It’s more like babysitting. Yet, almost every so-called...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st December 2021

Mercedes-Benz Bets on Solid BEV Future

Mercedes-Benz is placing its BEV chips in the square marked solid-state battery in a bid to keep in the race towards full electric powertrains. It has joined forces with...


24th November 2021

Automakers About to Shake Up the Insurance Industry

Elon Musk recently announced Tesla’s intent to launch a usage-based insurance (UBI) product in Texas. The move came after General Motors and Ford launched their own telematics insurance programs...

By Graham Jarvis


23rd November 2021

Consumer BEV Running Costs Rating Misses Price Tags

A consumer BEV rating standard has been created in the UK claiming to give accurate comparisons between the increasing number of non-ICE powered vehicles in the market. However, the...


4th October 2021

Weekly Brief: BEVs Light Up Luxury and LCV Markets

The most expensive electric vehicle in the world is ready for market. The first customer-grade Lucid Air sedans trundled off the assembly line at Lucid Motors’ manufacturing plant in...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


30th July 2021

Mercedes World BEV debuts at the IAA

Mercedes-Benz plans an electrified assault on the upcoming IAA Mobility show in Munich, including the world debut of several BEV top premium contenders. Leading the charge will be the...


23rd July 2021

Mercedes-Benz Plans Electric Strategy but Leaves ICE Door Open

Mercedes-Benz is the latest mainstream automaker to set out its electrification strategy promising to “go all electric” by the end of the decade. There is, however, one caveat right...

1st June 2021

Weekly Brief: Germany Takes Aim at Driverless Tech Dominance

Germany is the first country in the world to legalize fully autonomous vehicles on public roads. The landmark legislation passed both the lower and upper chambers of Germany’s parliament...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


26th April 2021

Fords Worst for Green House Gas in Europe, Study Claims

Ford has been named and shamed as Europe’s highest mass market producer of green houses gases per car sold in the market last year. That’s the claim of a...