15th May 2023

Ferrari Promises No End to its ICE Powered Cars

Italian automotive icon, Ferrari, has promised to keep building cars powered by internal combustion engines for a long as customers want them. The heartening news for most fans of...

27th April 2023

McLaren’s Fastest ICE Road Car Hits the Road

McLaren has unveiled its lightest and most powerful series-production car to date in the shape of the V8 ICE powered McLaren 750S. The coupé version claims a segment-leading power-to-weight...


23rd August 2022

McLaren Targets India for Sales Expansion

While several big automaker brands have abandoned sales plans in India, McLaren is bucking the trend by setting up the nation as its 41st global territory. True, the luxury...


27th November 2020

Automakers Gang Up Against ICE Bans

An automaker-backed report has attacked the UK government’s bringing forward of a ban on new internal combustion engined cars. The report into the future of the nation’s automotive industry...


24th November 2020

McLaren Performance Hybrid in Showrooms Next Year

McLaren has named its upcoming hybrid supercar the Artura while devising a new electrified category the High-Performance Hybrid (HPH). This latest acronym together with the automaker’s statement trumpeting the...


25th August 2020

McLaren to Ditch ICE by 2030

Racing icon carmaker McLaren will end production of all ICE powertrains by 2030 pledging to a BEV future. The British supercar manufacturer and doyen of the Formula One race...


30th March 2020

Weekly Brief: Carmakers’ Switch to Respirator Production Gives Us All Hope

A week after shutting down their manufacturing operations owing to the coronavirus pandemic, many carmakers found themselves planning to re-open their factories last week. However, this time they plan...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

9th December 2019

McLaren Racer-for-the-Road Enjoys ‘Liberated’ Powertrain

McLaren has launched a road version of its racing car that boasts more horsepower than its circuit sibling. Liberated from race series regulations, the road legal 620R claims 610bhp...


13th November 2019

McLaren’s First Street Drop-Top Claims Best Power-to-Weight

McLaren has delved into its open-top racing history to create its first street-legal convertible that also boasts the best power-to-weight of its current range. The British Formula One racing...


Consortium Deploys 5G Network for CAVs
14th February 2019

Consortium Deploys 5G Network for CAVs

A consortium has deployed a 5G small cell network that aims to supply connectivity to connected and autonomous vehicles. AutoAir, a 5G development consortium led by broadband provider Airspan...


28th September 2018

Robot Racing Unlikely to Win F1 Fans, Says McLaren

Motorsports such as Formula One and NASCAR thrill onlookers with their mix of speed and danger. Much of the drama of these contests comes from the human element; fans...

By Eric Volkman


13th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Hypercars upstaged by tech at the Geneva Motor Show

This year’s show featured 150 car debuts, from supercars to swanky all electric concepts. Andrew Tolve reports. Supercars hogged the headlines last week at the Geneva Motor Show, more...