3rd September 2020

Enhanced Safety the Way Save MaaS

The global Covid-19 pandemic has left the mobility as a service (MaaS) industry in a precarious position. Many safety-conscious consumers have shunned ride-sharing services, while government imposed travel lockdowns...


2nd March 2020

Automakers Eye Up Control of the OS

Software now controls almost everything on a modern vehicle. From obvious functions like the infotainment system, to less obvious things such as brakes and then to the mundane, such...


23rd July 2019

Reasons Behind Israel’s Rise in Auto Tech

Israel is a small country, its few attempts at car manufacturing ended badly and much of its real estate is desert. It’s really the last place where a thriving...

By Eric Volkman


2nd May 2019

Drive Towards EV Trucks and Vans

Electric vehicles in fleets are peculiar beasts. Considerations of time and money become critical. Forget range anxiety: fleet operators must exactly understand the trade-offs and how a switch to...

By Susan Kuchinskas


5th October 2018

Motorists Could Soon Need to Fuel-up With Data

Data volumes are ever increasing and at an unprecedented rate. Connected and autonomous vehicles will further add to the amount of data that’s currently out there. It’s hard to...

By Graham Jarvis


29th June 2018

In a mobility frame of mind

Battle for miles and minutes in mobility explored by Andrew Williams. Soon the auto industry will no longer be defined by the number of units sold but by how...


1st June 2018

EVs may be the future but it’s not anytime soon

The challenges facing electrification of transport explored by Susan Kuchinskas. Udelv’s autonomous truck recently delivered groceries from a local market to two customers in San Mateo, California. Udelv says...


23rd March 2018

Automotive connected services need to extend beyond the car

When we park and leave our car, typically (and hopefully) not much happens to it. We return from our business to find the craft in the same state we...


16th February 2018

Hooking up to the IoT with a clear conscience

The United States Senate will consider the SELF-DRIVE Act that will, among other things, require car makers to develop plans or automotive cyber security, while also directing NHTSA to...


2nd February 2018

Partnerships point the digital way for carmakers

Can the incumbent car manufacturers capitalise on the opportunities to profit from serving in-vehicle content to the car of the future? Recent examples suggest that some of that business,...


1st September 2016

ADAS is the driverless car’s eyes on the future

With the World fixated, as it is, on driverless cars, it is a little odd so little attention ever gets paid to its constituent technologies, known collectively as ADAS....


1st October 2015

Connectivity will add many new dimensions to the car’s future

As more and more industries attempt to nudge our “things” into a technologically interconnected ecosystem, the excitement around the IoT continues to gather momentum, and fast. Hype about the...