13th January 2023

Mazda Rotary Claims Green Credentials in PHEV Powertrain

Mazda has released comprehensive details of its rotary motor assisted PHEV powertrain deployed in the Mazda MX-30 eSkyactive R-EV unveiled at the Brussel Motor Show this week. This powertrain...


9th January 2023

Mazda Revives the Rotary ICE for Europe

Petrol-heads the world over could soon stop having to mourn the passing of the rotary engine with Mazda promising it will return. The Japanese automaker champion of the rotary...


6th July 2022

Mazda Stays Loyal to Ultra-Clean Diesel

Mazda stays true to its engineering expertise to create an ultra-clean diesel motor with power and super-low emissions for its new CX-60 SUV. It’s no micro motor either but...


17th February 2022

Yamaha Latest Automaker Promoting Hydrogen Powered ICE

Yamaha has become another Japanese automaker keen to reprise the technology of ICE powertrains fired by hydrogen. It is developing a high-performance hydrogen engine under commission from longtime partner...


8th February 2022

Mazda Pulls Out Performance PHEV for Europe

Mazda has teased its European debut of its plug-in hybrid version of the compact crossover CX-60 with claims its power output will exceed 300bhp. The automaker will unveil full...


13th December 2021

Sollers Focus on EV Care Share even before Making Them

A mere six months ago, Sollers was keeping silence on its strategy in EVs. Finally, this autumn, the company has made its first practical moves in this direction, possibly...

By Roma Nazarov


7th December 2021

Mazda Opts for Toyota Hybrid Tech in Latest Model

Mazda has launched its first self-charging hybrid is a clear statement that it views the need to continue faith with ICE technology despite the noise coming from BEV lobbyists....


28th April 2021

Japanese Automakers Take on Telcos in V2V Comms Battle

A group of Japanese automotive giants are taking up the digital cudgels in a bid to grab the initiative in the battle with telecoms companies for dominance in the...


2nd March 2021

Mazda Upgrades Skyactiv-X ICE for 2021

Mazda will debut an upgraded version of its gasoline Skyactiv-X SPCCI Spark Controlled Compression Ignition petrol engine in two of its 2021 models. Both the Mazda CX-30 and Mazda3...


5th February 2021

Mazda Joins Battle to Save Clean ICE Technology

Mazda has become the first automaker to join a lobby group promoting CO2-neutral fuels that could see ICE being allowed to contribute in slowing global warning. That’s because Europe’s...


16th April 2020

BMW Tops Least Distraction Infotainment Study

Independent test results suggest BMW’s iDrive infotainment is the least distracting for drivers in use while budget brand MG’s is the worst. More worryingly for vehicle safety is that...


31st March 2020

Mazda Pushes Carbon-Neutral ICE Bio Fuels

Mazda is fighting-the-good-fight for ICE technology by exploring the commercial viability of carbon neutral bio-fuels from micro-algae. This is important news for the automotive industry because while some nations...