16th April 2020

BMW Tops Least Distraction Infotainment Study

Independent test results suggest BMW’s iDrive infotainment is the least distracting for drivers in use while budget brand MG’s is the worst. More worryingly for vehicle safety is that...


31st March 2020

Mazda Pushes Carbon-Neutral ICE Bio Fuels

Mazda is fighting-the-good-fight for ICE technology by exploring the commercial viability of carbon neutral bio-fuels from micro-algae. This is important news for the automotive industry because while some nations...


23rd October 2019

Electrified Powertrains Surge Into Tokyo Show

A host of electrified vehicles from Japanese automakers have made their debut at this week’s 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda has launched the MX-30, its first electric vehicle, which has been “developed for customers who don’t want...


25th September 2019

Mazda to Debut First BEV

Mazda will unveil its first BEV next month, despite saying earlier this year pure electric vehicles would remain a niche product. The car, to be announced at the Tokyo...


12th April 2019

BEVs Likely To Remain Niche in Next Decade, Says Mazda

Electrification will not spell the end of the ICE powertrain particularly because full BEVs cannot make great strides among carbuyers. That’s the opinion of probably the most innovative Japanese...


5th February 2019

Mazda’s Lean Burn Motor Could Extend ICE Age

Mazda will stage the European debut next month of the first of its models boasting a gasoline engine to boost ICE technology’s climate control credentials. While acknowledging that EVs...


2nd November 2018

Algae Grown Bio-Fuel Gets Mazda Backing

Mazda is pinning much of its green energy hopes on bio-fuels grown from algae. The Japanese carmaker has announced joint research projects and studies into the future use of...


Mazda Rotary Engines to Return in EVs
2nd October 2018

Mazda Rotary Engines to Return in EVs

Mazda’s well-liked rotary engine is to make a return to its cars, as part of one of the automaker’s first two electric vehicles. The EVs are being launched as...


1st June 2018

Fleets could spearhead driverless revolution

Future potential of cargo-only autonomous vehicles explored by Eric Volkman. In the future, certain autonomous vehicle manufacturers might cut the passenger out of the equation, at least to some...


4th September 2017

Weekly Brief: Magna to debut ‘invisible’ driverless tech for any car

North America’s largest automotive supplier, Magna, jumped into the self-driving car race last week with a new autonomous driving platform called MAX4. The platform includes a suite of cameras,...


25th August 2017

Suppliers need to keep their heads in a driverless world

Safety first is a mantra that many of us aspire to achieve but it’s not one that’s always maintained. In commercial terms, an inability to put it at the...


7th August 2017

Weekly Brief: Toyota & Mazda partner in US plant and connected cars

A new factory in the US is the start of a wide-ranging partnership for the connected car. Andrew Tolve reports. Donald Trumpfinally got his way. It was not with...