May Mobility

11th August 2021

Commercial On-Demand AVs Expands in Grand Rapids

May Mobility has expanded its AV commercial service in Grand Rapids, MI, with an on-demand shuttle operation. The service, which started last month, is part of Phase 2 of...


6th December 2018

Rhode Island Picks May Mobility to Run AV Pilot Program

May Mobility, the autonomous vehicle startup, already has self-driving shuttle programs underway in Ohio and Michigan. The Rhode Island trial begins this winter.


6th September 2018

Auto Infrastructure Depends on Partnerships, Says City Hall

Detroit looking at smart infrastructure and who will pay for it, Garry Bulluck tells Louis Bedigian. Smart infrastructure could be one of the most challenging and costly aspects of...


28th August 2018

Japan Starts Self-Driving Taxi Trails in Tokyo

A start-up specializing in autonomous vehicle technology is partnering with a taxi operator to test self-driving taxis in Tokyo. Self-driving taxis are ready to hit the streets of Japan...


23rd July 2018

Weekly Brief: BMW takes on Uber and Lyft in ride-hailing

ReachNow will offer car-sharing and ride-hailing through the same app interface. Andrew Tolve reports. BMW is ready to take on the big guns. In its latest urban mobility gambit, its ReachNow car-sharing service...


27th June 2018

Self-Driving Shuttle Service Debuts in Downtown Detroit

A joint venture between real estate firm Bedrock and startup May Mobility will bring autonomous shuttle services to a select area of downtown Detroit.


7th June 2018

Day One TU-Automotive Detroit 2018: Expanding universe of technology and partners

Susan Kuchinskas reports on the first day of the industry’s top technology conference. The diversity of companies, technologies and business models gathered together on the first day of TU-Automotive...


20th April 2018

Smart infrastructure may be the cheapest driverless option

For all the talk of LiDAR, radar and connectivity in self-driving vehicles, little has been said regarding how the expense of these features could influence widespread adoption. Will carmakers...


5th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Toyota invests billions to build new self-driving car company

With Waymo set to deploy a commercial self-driving car service in Arizona in the coming months, the pressure is on for automakers to respond. Toyota answered the call last...