20th May 2022

Mahle Targets Micro-Mobility with new e-Bike Powertrain

Mahle has begun series production of its new e-bikes electric motor aimed at the growing demand for urban micro-mobility. Production of its X20 traction motor is underway at its...


20th January 2022

Mahle Claims Carbon Neutral Production in Germany

Automotive supply giant Mahle claims all of its production facilities in German homeland have achieved carbon neutrality. It reached the milestone by the end of 2021 as part of...


26th November 2021

Mahle’s E-Bike App for Consumers, Dealers and Manufacturers

Mahle has launched an app it hopes will accelerate the adoption of electric mico-mobility for e-scooters and e-bikes. It already markets a powertrain platform for compact drive motors called...


2nd November 2021

Mahle Claims Advance in Fuel Cell Cooling

Mahle says it has developed a ceramic coating for hydrogen fuel cell coolers that claims to greatly extend the service life of units. The company says the internal coating...


21st October 2021

WardsAuto Webinar Examines Mahle’s Electrification Technologies

In this complimentary webinar, WardsAuto and Mahle take a deep dive into the innovative technology and products Mahle is developing that are designed to enable the transition to electric...

By Bob Gritzinger


6th October 2021

Mahle Presents its 90-Second Auto Charger

Automotive supply giant Mahle with present its “90 second” recharging battery at a German mobility event this week. Attendees to the Aachen Colloquium Sustainable Mobility will be given insights...


14th January 2021

Sustainable Fuel ICE Tech Offers Heavy Truck Solution

An engine specialist is hoping to throw a lifeline to emissions-challenged heavy truckers with claims it has created a fully sustainable fueled ICE powertrain. UK engine specialist Libertine says...


29th September 2020

More Auto Heavyweights Join Trucking Fuel Cell Race

Mahle has teamed up with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems in a bid to accelerate hydrogen’s adoption in heavy duty truck fleets. The move follows Bosch’s commitment...


29th July 2020

Mahle Ups Its Hydrogen Interest for Both FCEV and ICE

Automotive supplier Mahle is increasing its stake in hydrogen powertrain technology exploring both fuel-cell and internal combustion applications. It has announced that it will be expanding its application portfolio...


22nd July 2019

Mahle Single Unit EV Heat Exchanger Claims 20% Boost

Automotive supplier Mahle claims its all-in-one EV battery temperature controller can extend a BEV’s range by up to 20% It claims its integrated thermal system (ITS) heat pump could...


7th August 2018

Efficiency Boost Claimed by Mahle Variable Valve Timing System

A new variable valve timing system claims to offer performance enhancing properties across management of exhaust gas temperature and save fuel or even an engine braking function. The Mahle...