machine learning

16th September 2019

Automated AI Training Teaches Cars How To Drive

In the future, computers will teach vehicles how to drive, with no human input needed. That’s what Brodmann17’s new automated deep learning training program hopes to achieve. The tier...


7th January 2019

Toshiba Incorporating DNN Tech Into Visconti 5 Image Chip

The electronics giant plans to position the Visconti 5 platform, equipped with DNN hardware, as a key component for upcoming ADAS systems.


4th January 2019

Aptiv & AI Specialist Affectiva Want to Know How Drivers Feel

Aptiv and Affectiva are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out what drivers and passengers are thinking and feeling.


27th November 2018

Mobileye Taps AWS for the Lifeblood of AVs: Cloud Computing

At the AWS reinvent show in Las Vegas, Mobileye is tapping into the company's cloud computing resources to create new autonomous vehicle technology.


26th June 2018

Audi Taps Israeli Tech Firm Cognata for AV Simulation Tests

Audi's self-driving vehicle development arm is partnering with Cognata to help develop simulation testing for autonomous vehicles.


31st May 2018

Toyota, Turing Institute Focus on Marrying Mobility & AI

The 18-month partnership between Toyota and the Alan Turing Institute will focus on automating different forms of mobility through the intelligent manipulation of traffic signals.


9th February 2018

Embark’s Autonomous Truck Completes Cross-Country Trek

Relying entirely on sensor data and its on-board machine learning, San Francisco startup Embark's autonomous truck drives coast to coast in five days.