1st April 2019

Weekly Brief: Lyft’s IPO Proves Investors Optimism Over Ride-Sharing

Want a slice of the gig economy? Now you can own one. With the completion of its IPO last week, Lyft became the first gig-economy start-up to become a...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th March 2019

Weekly Brief: GM Cruise Upping Headcount Won’t Get It Ahead of Rivals

General Motors’ Cruise is getting serious with just nine months to go before its self-imposed deadline to launch a robo-taxi service in America. The self-driving outfit announced last week...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

4th March 2019

Weekly Brief: Lyft Files for Massive IPO, Steals Spotlight From Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show that starts this Thursday, March 7, is famous for turning heads with concept cars, prototypes and street-ready vehicles for the European market. This year’s show...

Andrew Tolve


1st March 2019

AR Backseat Experience Could Lyft the Ride

Automotive infotainment is improving but is still a few “parsecs” away from a Star Wars “Dejarik” moment, where passengers are playing augmented reality games in the backseat as they...

By Robert Gray


28th February 2019

Digital Customer Experience Now Key For Automakers

Shopping for a new car used to be a labor of love, or a trip through hell. Some customers enjoyed the trips to multiple showrooms to stroke the flanks...

By Susan Kuchinskas


18th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Uber Joins Lyft in NY Fight Over Malpractice

After eight years of letting Uber and Lyft run roughshod through the streets of New York, city officials have finally stepped up with aggressive attempts at regulation. Last summer...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


4th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Communists Driving World’s Biggest AV Adoption

China, the world’s largest auto market, may have been late to the party when it came to autonomous technology but it has all the key ingredients to become the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


30th January 2019

Chariot Taught Ford a Multi-Million Dollar ‘Lesson’

Ford says it has learned a lesson about mobility solutions, albeit a $65M lesson being the cost of the collapse of its ill-fated Chariot acquisition. The urban ride-sharing scheme,...


14th January 2019

Weekly Brief: Voice Assistants Were CES’ Stars, AVs its Punchline

Autonomous vehicles were out in force in Las Vegas last week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Showgoers who opened the Lyft app got a message asking if they wanted...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


4th January 2019

Aptiv & AI Specialist Affectiva Want to Know How Drivers Feel

Aptiv and Affectiva are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out what drivers and passengers are thinking and feeling.


2nd January 2019

Aptiv Gaining Real-World Lessons for Las Vegas Service

For the past several months, Aptiv has offered rides to customers in Las Vegas. Now that the company has expanded its operation, its AV chief explains to TU-Automotive what...


31st December 2018

Weekly Brief: 2019 Will Show Us Whether Driveless Transport is Really Upon Us

A week from now, starting January 8, about 200,000 industry professionals, 4,400 exhibiting companies and god knows how many self-driving cars will arrive in Las Vegas for the biggest...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve