9th August 2023

Lyft and Uber Ready for Possible Ride-Hail Price War

Lyft signaled a possible price war with rival Uber despite announcing its strong earning forecast to Wall Street this week. The move spooked investors enough to see the ride-hailing...


26th May 2023

Autonomous Tech Stalled Through Lack of Innovation

Autonomous cars were expected to be the next big thing in mobility but, after endless hype for their potential and broken promises of imminent deployment, we don’t seem to...

By Louis Bedigian


14th March 2023

Lean Pickings for Automakers from Short-Term Rentals

No industry in the world is immune from fads and that includes the automobile industry. Earlier this century, short-term car leasing was one of those trends, an upstart segment...

By Eric Volkman


2nd January 2023

Weekly Brief: Exciting Year Ahead for EV and AV Technologies

New Year’s resolutions rarely last more than a week or two. New Year’s predictions are equally unreliable. Give it a few months and what seemed certain at the outset...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


19th December 2022

The Challenges to Mobility Data

As on-demand mobility evolves from a concept to a reality that will transport billions of people through and between the megacities of tomorrow, several daunting challenges must be met....

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


12th December 2022

Weekly Brief: Uber’s Very Tiny Toe Back in Robo-Taxi Market

Uber once had grand designs to pioneer the robo-taxi industry. Instead, it limped into the market last week with a modest, daytime-only service in Las Vegas. Uber’s first robo-taxi...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th October 2022

Ford Winds Down Argo AI as Driverless Tech ‘Long Way Off’

Early autonomous driving technology prospects took another huge hit this week with news that Argo AI is to be wound down. The company that burst on to the scene...


25th October 2022

Future Prospects of Autonomous On-Demand Mobility

Dr Shafiq Urréhman is leading all artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning projects at CEVT AB in Sweden reveals that in his opinion there are two distinct mobility trends:...

By Graham Jarvis


5th October 2022

Employee-Driven Rideshare Powered by Telematics

Telematics may have taken something of a back seat in terms of passenger car technology lately but it is still the driving power for one mobility provider’s growth plans....


7th February 2022

Weekly Brief: Ups-and-Downs Persist for Driverless Tech

Self-driving cars were supposed to be a star at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics; instead, they’re a side note. Last year the Chinese government allowed Baidu to launch its...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


17th January 2022

Industry Voices: What can Blockchain do for the Automotive Industry?

Opinion piece by Jonas Lundqvist, CEO at Haidrun. Ask people about blockchain and most will associate it with Bitcoin, crypto currencies and data mining. Of course, they are not...


2nd December 2021

Commercial Fleets Driving EV Take-Up

The invasion has begun; it’s massive, and it promises to be unrelenting. The popularity of EVs is getting to the point where they’re taking over one of the last...

By Eric Volkman