15th July 2019

Weekly Brief: VW’s Driverless Investment Possibly Premature?

What began as whispers of a potential partnership materialized last week into one of the blockbuster deals of the summer. Volkswagen will invest $2.6Bn into self-driving start-up Argo AI....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


Audi AV Subsidiary Partners With LiDAR Company
18th December 2018

Audi AV Subsidiary Partners With LiDAR Company

Audi’s autonomous vehicle unit is joining forces with a LiDAR sensor provider to expedite the automaker’s development of AV tech. Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID) aims to deploy “fully autonomous”...


28th November 2018

Volvo Claims Most Advanced LiDAR Tech

Volvo claims the LiDAR autonomous sensing technology it showcased at the LA Auto Show is the world’s most advanced system yet developed. The carmaker, in league with LiDAR specialist...


28th June 2018

Cost versus performance is LiDAR’s biggest challenge

The state of LiDAR technology for the auto industry explored by Eric Volkman. It’s a small word (technically, acronym) with only five letters. But LiDAR looms very large in...


15th June 2018

Volvo Invests in Silicon Valley Lidar Specialist Luminar

In the midst of a high-stakes race to develop the most sophisticated sensors for self-driving vehicles, Volvo buys a stake in Lidar startup Luminar.


2nd October 2017

Weekly Brief: Cadillac debuts hands-free driving for motorways

It claims to be safe, reliable and nothing like Tesla Autopilot. Andrew Tolve reports. Tesla’s Autopilot is about to get some much-needed competition. General Motors announced that its hands-free...