25th October 2018

AAA: ADAS Systems Could Drive Up Vehicle Repair Costs

A new study from AAA finds ADAS can add an extra $3,000 in repair costs, thanks to sensors and cameras that require specific parts and expertise.


17th September 2018

Volkswagen-Led Effort Might Lock Down AV Standards

Volkswagen is looking to convince other automakers to create standards for sensors and software in autonomous vehicles.


11th September 2018

Autotalks’ Dual-Mode Chipset Could Give Car-to-Car Wireless a Boost

With a new dual-mode chipset, Autotalk is looking to bridge the gap between DSRC and C-V2X technologies within connected cars.


9th August 2018

Luxoft Inks Deal for ADAS Developer Objective Software

Luxoft, the system integration and development partner for more than 30 automotive OEMs, snaps up Objective Software, a Germany-based ADAS platform developer.


3rd August 2018

Fiat Chrysler Inks Deal for French AV Startup StartMeUp

StartMeUp's software helps driverless cars monitor their environment, processing sensor data quickly while keeping heat levels way down.


31st July 2018

Self-Driving Vans Start Carrying Passengers in Texas Town

In Frisco, Texas, startup is offering free rides on a specially designed, self-driving Nissan van along specific designated routes.


20th July 2018

Startup Light Nets $121M in Funding From Softbank & Leica

Bay Area startup focused on 3D imaging believes its camera and sensor technologies can replace Lidar.


13th July 2018

VW Will Offer V2X Wireless in Europe by 2019

In 2019, Volkswagen will equip its vehicles in Europe with WLANp, a wireless system that makes vehicle-to-everything communications possible.


12th July 2018

Daimler, Bosch Bringing AVs to One California City

Daimler is making a major push to bring self-driving vehicles to public roads in California through partnerships with Bosch and Nvidia.


29th June 2018

Kroger Supermarket Chain Will Trial Driverless Delivery Vans

Supermarket chain Kroger is working with Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup, to offer food deliveries to customers through autonomous electric vans.


29th June 2018

Volvo & FedEx Partner on Self-Driving Truck Tech in US

Volvo's platooning technology uses an ADAS platform to maintain closer vehicle distances, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.


15th June 2018

Volvo Invests in Silicon Valley Lidar Specialist Luminar

In the midst of a high-stakes race to develop the most sophisticated sensors for self-driving vehicles, Volvo buys a stake in Lidar startup Luminar.