14th July 2022

Designing Automated Systems is All About the Humans

Human-centric design is about looking at what consumers want from smart experiences in terms of how the manufacturers connected emotionally with the things they make, be it cars or...

By Graham Jarvis


1st July 2022

PHEV Joins Hybrid in Lexus RX Fifth Gen Range

The fifth generation of the successful Lexus RX SUV range brings the automaker’s latest hybrid powertrains to new levels. Topping the range is the self-charging hybrid RX 500h marrying...


25th April 2022

Weekly Brief: Tesla Reaps Rewards of Traditional Automaker BEV Ads

Tesla smashed analyst expectations with a record $3.3Bn profit in the first quarter of 2022. The EV maker delivered roughly 310,000 vehicles between January and March, almost twice what...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


17th February 2022

Yamaha Latest Automaker Promoting Hydrogen Powered ICE

Yamaha has become another Japanese automaker keen to reprise the technology of ICE powertrains fired by hydrogen. It is developing a high-performance hydrogen engine under commission from longtime partner...


14th February 2022

Lexus Reveals Shape of Coming BEV Supercar

Lexus has published the first official pictures of its upcoming BEV sports car first announced at the end of last year. The sports model will be part of a...


14th January 2022

Hydrogen ICE Power Back on the Table with Lexus Off-Road Concept

Lexus has debuted its hydrogen ICE powered off-road concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon which opened today. The Lexus ROV (recreational off-road vehicle) concept tries to reinvent the SUV...


14th June 2021

Lexus Unveils its First PHEV

Lexus has finally tuned into the consumer demand for plug-in hybrid solutions with the launch of its first PHEV powertrain model. It has unveiled details of its new NX...

22nd March 2021

Aston Martin and Lexus Race Track Refugees in ICE Swan Song

Almost as if the sportscar manufacturers realize the end of the ICE age approaches too fast, they are trying to end on a high with a flourish of special...


8th December 2020

Toyota Rolls Out Mobility Service Across Europe

Following its success in several European markets, Toyota will roll out its Kinto mobility service across the rest of the continent this spring. Its Kinto Europe service, a joint...


22nd April 2020

Simple Drivetrain Mod Boosts Lexus Hybrid Green Credentials

Lexus claims to have cut CO2 emissions on its mid-sized hybrid SUV to just 161g/km thanks to converting into a ‘cross-over’. The automaker has managed to shave 10g/km from...


16th April 2020

BMW Tops Least Distraction Infotainment Study

Independent test results suggest BMW’s iDrive infotainment is the least distracting for drivers in use while budget brand MG’s is the worst. More worryingly for vehicle safety is that...


22nd November 2019

Lexus’s First BEV Claims Paltry Range, Single Motor Setup

Lexus’s first BEV will have just 250 miles of range from a 54.3kWh battery, 60 miles less than the electrified concept vehicle it unveiled last month. This is similar...