22nd April 2020

Simple Drivetrain Mod Boosts Lexus Hybrid Green Credentials

Lexus claims to have cut CO2 emissions on its mid-sized hybrid SUV to just 161g/km thanks to converting into a ‘cross-over’. The automaker has managed to shave 10g/km from...


16th April 2020

BMW Tops Least Distraction Infotainment Study

Independent test results suggest BMW’s iDrive infotainment is the least distracting for drivers in use while budget brand MG’s is the worst. More worryingly for vehicle safety is that...


22nd November 2019

Lexus’s First BEV Claims Paltry Range, Single Motor Setup

Lexus’s first BEV will have just 250 miles of range from a 54.3kWh battery, 60 miles less than the electrified concept vehicle it unveiled last month. This is similar...


11th November 2019

Lexus First BEV Targets Chinese Market

Lexus says it will unveil its first production-ready BEV in China later this month hoping to tap into the premium end of that market’s government-led burgeoning demand. China has...


23rd October 2019

Lexus BEV Luxury Concept Claims Range and Performance

Lexus has debuted its luxury BEV concept claiming supercar acceleration married to range of more than 300 miles ahead of plans to market its first all-electric car later this...


10th October 2019

Lexus to Reveal Luxury BEV Concept

Lexus has released one of the most bizarre teaser pictures seen to announce a new luxury BEV concept. In a bid to challenge the viewer’s perception, the up-turned ice...


30th May 2019

Lexus Pioneers ‘Spinning’ Headlamps on Latest SUV

Lexus is claiming a world first with anti-dazzle safety headlamps for its new Lexus RX luxury SUV. The car will feature lights with an adaptive high beam system (AHS),...


20th March 2019

Volvo Takes Nanny-State-Of-Mind to New Heights

Way back in the 1950s when Volvo gave away its patent for the car’s first three-point seat belt to other manufacturers, many motorists scoffed. These safety doubters would have...


1st March 2019

AR Backseat Experience Could Lyft the Ride

Automotive infotainment is improving but is still a few “parsecs” away from a Star Wars “Dejarik” moment, where passengers are playing augmented reality games in the backseat as they...

By Robert Gray


10th January 2019

AT&T Brings 4G Connectivity to Additional Toyota, Lexus Models

Toyota and Lexus owners will be able to access connected services like remote start and climate control, as well as remote diagnostics and Safety Connect thanks to AT&T.


7th January 2019

Weekly Brief: This is the Moment of Truth for EVs in America

Remember last year when Tesla, General Motors and Nissan partnered up to lobby for an extension on the $7,500 federal tax credit for new EV purchases? It didn’t work,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

27th September 2018

Lexus Showcases Latest Hybrid System with New UX

Lexus’s latest gasoline hybrid system will be showcased in the new Lexus UX crossover making its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2018. It will come in two power...