15th September 2017

Insurers and carmakers on a collision course?

As connected vehicle technology and telematics evolves in the insurance industry UBI continues to expand in the global market. Connected vehicle manufacturers, having embedded telematics systems, are now in...


17th February 2017

Data exchanges will benefit users and providers

The development of data exchanges is seen as an essential aspect of getting telematics based insurance products making financial sense for providers. With this in mind, TU-Automotive sought the...


6th May 2016

Sell UBI tech cheap and stack the policies high!

UBI will only spread further than the young or high risk driver market if the technology can be made available cheaply. That’s the opinion of Paul Stacy, telematics director...


19th February 2016

Cutting in the middleman for data handling

While the promise of usage-based insurance (UBI) is great, penetration in the United States is not so great. At Insurance Telematics USA 2015 conference in Chicago, David Lukens, director...


4th September 2015

Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Day II: Rummaging through the keys to UBI success

Big data – and what to do with it – were top of mind on day two of the conference. How much data is enough? How good does it...


3rd September 2015

Insurance Telematics USA 2015 Day I: Still many ways to skin the UBI cat

Insurers have reached huge milestones in terms of partnerships and acquisitions, as well as introducing new products into the market. Yet, there are still roadblocks ahead: autonomous cars and...


15th August 2014

Bringing UBI into the Mainstream: Part Two

Online travel company priceline.com is focusing on hotel savings in its new advertising campaign.


Bringing UBI Into the Mainstream: Part One
8th August 2014

Bringing UBI Into the Mainstream: Part One

Travelport has decided to proceed with an unregistered offering of shares within the US in connection with an initial public offering of shares being made to institutions in the...