12th April 2023

Kia Starts Building Electric Purpose-Built Vehicle Plant

Kia has begun building a factory dedicated to the assembly of battery-electric purpose-built vehicles (PBV). The automaker says its first all-electric PBV production is set for 2025 under the...


29th March 2023

Kia to Bring L3 Autonomous Driving to New EV9

Kia will bring Level 3 automated driving capabilities to its latest BEV product to markets where regulations allow its use. Its Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) system claims to provide...


15th March 2023

Kia’s First Design Features of Flag-Ship BEV

Kia has released the first official images of its full-size flagship all-electric SUV ahead of its world premiere at the end of this month. With lifestyle the central focus...


13th February 2023

Weekly Brief: GM Exploits Entertainment Route to EV Promotion

General Motors won the Super Bowl with a 60-second TV commercial featuring comedic legend Will Ferrell driving an EV through some of Netflix’s biggest hits. He was seen getting...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th February 2023

Tesla Avoids Dismal Reliability Ranking by Withholding Data, J. D. Power

Fancy automated driving and infotainment technologies in premium cars are punishing the reliability scores in J.D. Power’s latest consumer survey. Reuters reports that Tesla would have finished fifth from...


19th May 2022

Kia to Create its First Purpose Built Vehicle Factory

Kia will create its first manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to producing electric multipurpose mobility or purpose-built vehicles (PBVs). The new production hub will be located within Kia’s existing Hwaseong...


19th April 2022

Weekly Brief: Carmakers Lose Interest in Auto Shows but Consumers Don’t

The New York International Auto Show returned from a two-year hiatus last week with a new look geared toward a fully electric future. The show featured a 250,000-square-foot indoor...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


29th March 2022

Concept Reveals Kia’s Vision on its BEV Autonomous Future

Kia has unveiled its latest BEV concept which is, hardly surprisingly, a mid-sized SUV but one aimed at increasingly autonomous future. That’s because it claims two specific stationary modes...


14th February 2022

Weekly Brief: EV Salesmen Match Super Bowl Players’ Efforts Off Field

Dr Evil, the Greek God Zeus, an illiterate caveman and a robotic dog banded together to hail the EV revolution Sunday night at the Super Bowl. Automakers have a...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


18th January 2022

Kia Chooses Hybrid to Kick-Start Second Gen Niro Sales

Kia’s Niro cross-over sees its second-generation model swell in size and is unveiled as a self-charging hybrid. While PHEV and BEV versions are planned to be unveiled before the...


24th November 2021

Automakers About to Shake Up the Insurance Industry

Elon Musk recently announced Tesla’s intent to launch a usage-based insurance (UBI) product in Texas. The move came after General Motors and Ford launched their own telematics insurance programs...

By Graham Jarvis


19th October 2021

Kia EV6 Claims Premium BEV Range for the Mass Market

Ahead of its official launch, Kia’s new EV6 claims to bring premium BEV range and performance to the mass market. While still teasing the car with just body-line images,...