23rd April 2019

5G Extracts More V2X Revenue From Consumers Than DSRC

Top spot as the future dominant technology in the connected car world is still uncertain as dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and 5G LTE wireless slug it out. Yet, as...


18th April 2019

Virtual Driverless Tech Testing Not a Stand-Alone Solution

Digital simulated testing for autonomous vehicles (AV) has been seen as a cheap, risk free, alternative to testing in the real world. Yet, while exponents voice its many advantages,...


11th April 2019

Automakers Working Hard to Build Trust in Autonomous

Concerns about safety are having a major impact on the autonomous vehicle industry, with the focus shifting to how automakers can win the public’s trust in self-driving vehicles. Meanwhile,...


7th November 2018

Connected Car Transactions Will Top $265Bn by 2023 – Study

More than three-quarters of a billion connected cars will be on the road five years from now, which translates into $265 billion in connected car transactions, according to a...


1st November 2018

Connected Car Tech Offers In-Vehicle Commerce Opportunities

A Juniper report indicates a lucrative market for in-vehicle commerce, but OEMs should engage outside developers to maximize opportunities.


15th August 2018

Shared Transportation Data Could Slash Commutes, Study Says

Cities could help their residents get around more quickly by giving them access to all modes of transportation in one app and payment platform, a new report says. The...


2nd July 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Growth Propelled by US, China, Report Finds

A report from research firm Juniper finds societal changes, the growth of digital infrastructure and driver safety concerns are propelling the autonomous vehicle market forward, with the US and...